Today's Opinions

  • No special tax break for the well-to-do

    Impact fees are a somewhat controversial method of making owners of new structures pay for the additional community infrastructure that is needed because of growth.

    While the state Legislature exempted school construction from the list of eligible uses of impact fees (an extremely questionable decision given that school construction is by far the largest infrastructure cost associated with growth), they did include uses such as road upgrades, new fire stations, etc.

  • It's not about change, it's about control

    The current administration, with help from Congress, is taking control of every aspect of American life through policies like health-care reform, cap and trade and taking over our private sector, while most of us pay no or little attention.

    Remember how President Barack Obama talked about wealth redistribution and transforming America? Look what is happening during this transformation of his.

  • Spratt walks in lockstep with Obama administration

    U.S. Congressman John Spratt is an astute politician. If he senses defeat in the upcoming election, he will most likely not offer himself for congressman of the S.C. 5th District.

    It is the opinion of this writer that he will devote himself to the furtherance of socialism in his remaining time in office by continuing to walk in lockstep with the Obama administration.

  • Woman grateful for returned wallet

    On Nov. 15, I went to Murphy’s on the S.C. 9 Bypass to get some gas. I set my wallet on the roof of my car and forgot to get it off. I drove off and heard a thud as I was going by Walgreens, but I did not think about my wallet.

    By the time I got home I realized that the thud I heard was my wallet. I went back to Murphy’s immediately and drove the route I took to get home multiple times.

    After about the fifth time, I thought, “OK, someone picked my wallet up and I’m just out of luck.

  • We have worked too hard to lose our quality health care

    President Barack Obama’s effort to take over the health-care industry, as he has the domestic auto industry and much of banking, is meeting stiff resistance from the American people.

    The best evidence that his initiatives are in trouble is his attack on the health-care system and the insurance companies. He says the health-care system in this country is broken and I don’t believe that.

  • Veteran impressed with AJ veterans program

    Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Andrew Jackson Middle School Principal Ted Dutton.

    Dear Mr. Dutton,

    I looked forward to receiving my invitation to the Andrew Jackson Veterans Day program this year with great anticipation.

  • No man is perfect, but Sanford is good captain of state

    What is perfect in this world? Look around, it isn’t man. No man is close to perfect. How it is supposed to work, that all presidents are supposed to be perfect?  No president has been or is perfect or will be; it is the nature of the beast.

  • Rev. Robinson instrumental in starting Springdell Baptist Church

    As the family of the Rev. S.F. Robinson, we read with interest the article in the Nov. 6 edition of The Lancaster News about the 70th anniversary celebration of Springdell Baptist Church.

     The article was well written. But as Rev. Robinson’s grandchildren, we would like to let it be known that our grandfather conceived the idea of Springdell Baptist Church.