Today's Opinions

  • Cruel to label suicide as a ‘selfish act’

    I would like to offer another response to Myra McCants’ opinion of suicide being a selfish act. I applaud Lisha Booth for her openness and honesty in her response. While her brother suffered endless physical pain, my brother suffered mental pain. He suffered from what was thought to be periods of mild depression brought on by stress, but proved to be an illness much darker and controlling – bipolar disorder. His pride would not allow him to seek proper diagnosis and treatment for this illness.

  • It is time for us to replace the servants in office

    The servants now run the house and it is the house owners’ fault. We were busy with our lives, not paying attention and assumed the media, both TV and the press, were keeping us informed. They weren’t and are still not doing a very good job of informing us. If we don’t watch TV news or read the paper, we are uninformed. If we do then we are misinformed.

  • Phillips left legacy for his family, community

    The late Wayne Phillips would have celebrated his 65th birthday today, but God had other plans.

    We lost this great Christian man to a rare form of cancer on Sept. 15, 2009. In remission for a little more than two years, he never lost hope and he never lost his faith.

    Those of you who knew him know the kind of man he was.

    A U.S. Navy veteran, he was a community leader who shared his faith whenever and wherever he could. Our dad always treated people the same, and ministered to all, regardless of color, age or denomination. None of that mattered.

  • Team effort made operation a success

    I would like to thank everyone in Lancaster for their help and support for Operation: Blue and Gold Santa. For one night, more than 100 volunteers joined together to help those in need right here in our own community.

    The Bruin Booster Club and Student Athletes from Lancaster High School entertained more than 200 people identified by HOPE of Lancaster in the Lancaster High School  cafeteria.

  • Support your local businesses on Jan. 20

    In May 2009, The Lancaster News and local businesses partnered to present the “Spend $20 on the 20th” campaign.

    It appeared to be a success as consumers responded and local businesses were pleased with the results.

    We are offering another “Spend $20 on 20th” campaign next week. The purpose of the campaign is to try to jump-start the local economy. To make the concept a reality requires a collaborative effort between the newspaper, local businesses and consumers.

  • Think before saying words that hurt others

    A few weeks ago Lancaster suffered a tragedy. Four children were involved in an automobile accident. One died, two were seriously injured and one walked away with just some bruises.

    This accident caused heartache and sadness for many people. Through a domino affect, many lives were touched and changed forever.

  • TEA parties allow people to hear from candidates

    I would like to respond to Jamaal Craig’s letter, “Rally citizens for real change, not these TEA parties,” in Sunday’s edition of The Lancaster News. Have you attended a TEA party? If not, you have no idea what they are all about.

  • Man who committed suicide was in constant pain

    This letter is in response to Myra McCants’ letter, “Suicide is a selfish act,” in the Dec. 30 edition of The Lancaster News. That was her opinion; now, this is mine. My brother committed suicide on Thanksgiving Day 2009. I do not believe it was a selfish act, but a relief from pain. He had been in two auto accidents in 2009 within 10 months. He was suffering in severe and constant pain all day, every day. I believe he thought dying was his only pain relief. He was a good person.