Today's Opinions

  • Take time to know true meaning of Christmas

    Do we know the true meaning of Christmas or do we go by what man says it means?

    How many of us take the time to find out the real meaning of Christmas? Christmas is a special time of the year. Christmas was when Christ was born.

    Christmas is a time for us to recognize Christ because without him, we wouldn’t be here. Christmas is a time for families to come together and share the story of Christ’s birth.

  • Government does not listen to its people

    Liberals, progressives, communists and socialists all hang their membership cards in the Democrat Party. They all believe that society’s problems are because of its material-based life environment. They therefore believe that their system is the answer to man’s problems in society. The reorganization of society into the scientific socialist state is the solution to the problems that we have in America today. Now the Democrat Party is the Socialist Party.

  • Mayor Shaw a 'good public servant'

    My name is Annie F. Hood, better known as Florence Hood. I moved to Lancaster in 1985. I am writing regarding Mayor Joe Shaw. I met Mayor Shaw shortly thereafter. I met him in an unpleasant situation, but he was a perfect gentleman.

  • Lowe’s and Lancaster Tours play Santa Claus

    Last week, Jenny Arnold, senior reporter for The Lancaster News, was working on a story about an effort to raise money to bring area National Guard troops home from training in Fort McCoy, Wis., where they have been training for a planned deployment to Afghanistan in the new year.

    Arnold spoke to the mother of one of the guardsmen, Susan Humphries of Lancaster, on Dec. 8 about the fundraising effort. Humphries, whose son, Corey, is a member of the 1222nd Combat Engineers, was worried she wouldn’t get to see her son this Christmas.

  • Blackmon-Brace has set good example

    I would like to respond to April Blair’s guest column, “Blackmon-Brace priority publicity, not community,” in the Dec. 16 edition of The Lancaster News.

    There is more to Linda Blackmon-Brace than meets the eye. Blackmon-Brace was raised much the way Blair was. I don’t think her family was as fortunate as Blair’s because there were no programs to serve the poor then as they were when Blair was growing up.

  • Blackmon-Brace doesn’t deserve all the negativity

    The negativity that melts off people who are uninformed concerning an issue never fails to amaze me. April Blair, who wrote the guest column, “Blackmon-Brace priority publicity, not community,” in the Dec. 16 edition, seems to be one of these people.

  • My opinions are based on feelings, not race

    There have been several responses to my Dec. 16 guest column, “Blackmon-Brace priority publicity, not community.” I have come to find out that people automatically assume you agree with someone simply because you’re of the same race.

  • Obaama’s changes have not improved our country

    I would like to respond to Jeffrey Donahue’s letter, “Americans can make a difference,” in the Nov. 20 edition of The Lancaster News. In it he wrote, “People are no longer judged by what property they own or by what demographic they associate with, but they are judged by their merit.”