Today's Opinions

  • Buford Rec center becomes a reality

    Mid-August marked a special time in the Buford community.

    The eastern Lancaster County area had plenty of reason to celebrate as the long-awaited Buford Recreation Center was opened.

    With the opening of the Buford Rec Center, now each area in the county – Lancaster, Indian Land, Kershaw and Buford – has a rec facility.

    That was the goal of the county when this project was begun and now it’s a red-letter day – well, in Buford terms, maroon-letter day – for local recreation.

  • Remember: Evolution is a theory

    The letter “No credible evidence of reptile-to-bird” in the Sept. 3 edition of The Lancaster News has factual errors. The article that prompted the letter is a story about “4-H chickens greet returning North Elementary students.”

  • Sales tax best option to pay for courthouse

    I would like to respond to Greg Sutton’s letter “Explore other avenues for courthouse costs” in the Sept. 19 edition of The Lancaster News. The letter focused on the new courthouse and the increased taxes needed to build it.

  • It's wrong time to ask taxpayers for money

    After attending the recent County Council meeting, I left in disbelief of some of the statements made by council. The meeting was to approve the final reading of the ordinance to raise taxes to cover additional security costs. The statement that really got me was when both the chairman and vice chairman said, “we are under attack.”

    If this is the case it was suggested we call in the National Guard. I can’t believe people really thought the city of Lancaster was under attack. This sounds like a George Bush tactic to justify their decisions.

  • Justice system protects the criminals, not the victims

    Sept. 25, 1992. I will never forget that night. That was the night I was told my son, Deputy Brent McCants, was killed in the line of duty.

    There was a knock at the door. A chaplain and York County police officer told me Brent was dead.

    I had been through this before. In 1978, my husband, Dale, was killed in a tragic accident at Bowater.

    You feel like you are in a bad nightmare or that you fell in a well. You want to hit the walls to wake up. But, reality hits back. You don’t believe it’s true until you see the body for yourself.

  • A collective sigh of relief

    It didn’t take long for word to get out Friday afternoon that someone had been charged in the courthouse and solicitor’s office fires.

    As the news folks, county officials, law enforcement officers and firefighters gathered in front of the Municipal Justice Center for the second press conference of the day on Friday, the buzz was that the teenager charged with five recent armed robberies was also the suspect in the fires.

    It seemed unbelievable. A 17-year-old responsible for burning two government buildings?

  • We need to meet true Mulvaney

    Who is the real Mick Mulvaney? One thing is clear: he doesn’t want us to know.

    Every month since she announced her run for Senate, Mandy Powers Norrell has written a detailed and heart-felt column about the issues in this election – our local economy, layoffs, private school vouchers, healthcare and seniors issues, the environment, and the importance of protecting small business. And in each of these columns, she tells us who she is, her experiences, her values, and how they were formed right here in Lancaster County.

  • 3.5-mill tax hike more palatable than 8.9-mill

    Few people ever celebrate a tax increase. But last week, Lancaster County Council gave residents a reason to at least sigh with some sense of relief about the tax increase to pay for the expenses related to the fire at the Lancaster County Courthouse.

    County officials initially proposed an 8.9-mill tax increase to pay for those costs, and many residents weren’t happy about it.