Today's Opinions

  • You may help solve some cold case files

    Imagine a loved one disappearing without a trace. That when he walked out the door, his family would never see him again.

    Imagine finding your loved one shot to death in his own home. His killer or killers still unknown.

    Imagine every parent’s nightmare – the call in the middle of the night. Your 19-year-old daughter’s body found in a burning car. Her date’s body is in the trunk of the torched vehicle.

    These are the horrors that no one wants to face. Yet, several Lancaster County residents have done just that.

  • Honor contributions by blacks year-round

    History is the framework that gives us leverage into the future and a raison d’etre for today. All of us, black and white, need awareness and strengthening in our understanding of what blacks have accomplished – great and small.

    Did you know Maggie Walker (1867-1934) was America’s first black female president of a bank? Mrs. Walker was honored for her contribution to Richmond, Va.’s economic and civic progress by the governor of state. She grew up in dire poverty, but finished high school.  

  • Writer grateful for 'Mill Hill Memories'

    I would like to thank the Rev. Bill Knight for the book, “Mill Hill Memories,” he recently completed. Bill spent approximately three years interviewing people, collecting photos, personal stories and information from families and other sources. I appreciate his tireless effort and long hours spent putting this book together.

    Thanks to him I now have many years of photos and memorials combined in one book.

  • McCants misquoted in column

    In the Jan. 31 edition of The Lancaster News, I wrote a column titled, “We cannot judge what goes on in another person’s mind.”

    In that column, I misquoted Myra McCants. I said McCants wrote in a Dec. 30 letter to the editor that anyone who commits suicide commits an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.

    McCants did not use those words. McCants actually said, “Suicide is a selfish act.”

  • Cigarette tax solution for S.C. woes

    A great deal of debate ensued recently when I announced a proposal to raise South Carolina’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax to the national average, with the proceeds split between health care and education. I remain convinced that this is the right course of action for our state.

  • Arrowood doesn’t want to be in city

    On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Lancaster City Council will vote on an ordinance to annex four Arrowood Estates lots into the city. If it passes, this vote will open the door for more of Arrowood to be annexed.

    In 1962, my father started development of a subdivision outside the city limits. With him, our family trekked through deep woods as he imagined and planned how this subdivision would evolve. He found an arrow that would determine the name for his, and others, dream, Arrowood.

  • Education Oversight Committee not needed

    I am writing this letter as a businessman, parent, taxpayer, a fiscal conservative and former chair of the State Board of Education. We have an opportunity in South Carolina to reduce some of the public education bureaucracy in Columbia by sunsetting the Education Oversight Committee (EOC.)

    I ask the General Assembly to support the bill introduced by Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Bamberg), which will do exactly this.

  • Santa Train event was a disappointment

    The following letter was sent to the See Lancaster Committee on Dec. 31, 2009. We asked for a response. As of Feb. 22, 2010, we have not had a response.

    Dear Committee Members:

    The Santa Train has become a tradition that has been enjoyed by many children and adults, also. We have taken our grandchildren to ride the train, which is an enjoyable ride, and enjoyed the food, activities and talking with Santa for a number of years. Everything had been an enjoyable experience until this year.