Today's Opinions

  • Time for county to revisit dog ordinances

    By Mary Reimers

  • As a nation we need to repent

    There was a time when America flourished, wealth beyond belief, it was the superpower of all nations. Our own government stated that there was so much money in Social Security, that it didn’t know what it was going to do with it.
    The economy was booming.
    But during the late 1960s, something went horribly wrong. The “Free Love” movement began and the morals of that generation plummeted.

  • Educate yourself now about proposed landfill

    Guest Column

    Gary Horton

    Everyone should know these facts about the proposed sanitary landfill on Mineral Mining Road.

    Footprint size – 250 acres

    Amount of trash allowed per year – 1.2 million tons (or 2.4 billion pounds)

    Height allowed - unlimited

    But there’s more we need to know, much more research we need to do, in the six months before Griffin Brothers tries again to get permission to stick the landfill here.

  • Chamber encourages all citizens to vote

    Guest Column

    James Morton

    Not another election. I am sure, like me, you too have had this thought at some point when you see candidate signs popping up all around the county. 

    I am also sure it is easy to choose to dismiss an election to fill an unexpired term of a seat that will have a little over a year remaining of a four-year term.

  • No need to reveal deputies' name

    A recent story appeared on the front page, above the fold, of The Lancaster News, re-telling the story of a man being shot at the car wash on Lynwood Drive, but this time you added the names of the two deputies that had answered the 911 call. 

    Now was that necessary? A deputy sheriff is part of a team acting under the orders of the sheriff and other state laws in effect. The action taken by these two deputies certainly appeared to be within their area of responsibility. 

  • Taxahaw Road residents should demand new road


    We want to add our input to “County needs to fix all roads - not just Indian Land.” 

    The portion of Taxahaw Road between Antioch Baptist Church and the convenience site has been a terrible road ever since we have lived here. 

    During the 1980s, we operated Melco Cattle Co., and drew visitors from all of the United States. 

    Their first impression of Lancaster was how terrible the roads are. 

  • Residents seek help with Taxahaw Road

    I would like to comment on Paula Laney’s letter about the bad condition of Taxahaw Road. We have lived in the Taxahaw community for 18 years. 

    There has not been any work done on the road except fill some potholes. It was real bad when I came here. 

    Now they are so bad I don’t think they can be fixed. If people did not live on this road, it should be closed. But we must have a way to get out. We now go to Monroe for doctor visits and hospital care. We also do most of our shopping there.

  • Gregory instrumental in creating ‘Pat’s Law’

    When my sister was murdered in 2003, she was killed by an intentionally set house fire. The women who murdered my sister received a 25-year sentence for killing her. They also received 25 years for burning her house.
    The sentences would be served at the same time and they would only have to serve about 85 percent of the sentence. In other words, they would only have to serve a little more than 21 years for killing my sister and burning her house. They were not eligible for the death penalty because arson was not considered a weapon used in a violent crime.