Today's Opinions

  • Community garden will yield plenty of goodwill

    Plans for the second season of the Lancaster County Community Garden are taking root.

    The garden is a collaborative effort between the Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Department and the United Way.

    A year ago, the garden began with a grant from Duke Energy, with a majority of funding by volunteer effort and community donations.

    The Community Garden, which became a popular place last year, is adjacent to the Lancaster County Park and Recreation’s Melvin Steele Soccer Complex on South Woodland Drive.

  • Classmates dispute's Marsh's claim of racism

    We are writing in response to the article, “Marsh reflects on success, upbringing in Lancaster,” by Jesef Williams in the March 7 edition of The Lancaster News.

    We checked with The Lancaster News and were told that the article was brought to them by Eugene’s brother. The Lancaster News then called Marsh to interview him and verify that the information was true, which he did.

  • Hopefully, Brownie’s life, death teaches responsibility

    Recently, I cried for brown dog with an orange collar. He was near starvation when he came into my life.

    He was afraid of everyone and everything, but was aggressive if someone got close to him. He usually stayed in an outside shed at night and hid in the woods during the day. He would return late at night to eat the food I left for him.

  • Mother, son grateful for caring officers

    In the early hours of April 2, someone made an attempt to enter my home. The back door was jerked abruptly open with enough force to break the chain locks. I admit, my response was one of panic.

  • Writer thanks classmates for stating the truth

    This is in response to the letter to the editor, “Classmates dispute Marsh’s claim of racism,” in the April 2 edition of The Lancaster News.

  • '?A' shows I'm not reading Bible enough

    I’m really embarrassed about a mistake in the Wednesday edition of The Lancaster News and I’d like to apologize to our readers, advertisers and my co-workers for it.

    I’ve been so busy for the last month that I haven’t been reading the Bible very much. But, trust me, it is still relevant and reliable as it was 2,000 years ago.

    Here, I’ll prove it.

    Ecclesiastes 4:9 talks about how “two is better than one because they have a good return on their work.”

  • Parsons continues to proclaim his innocence

    Lancaster is a town divided. Seemingly it has always been this way: conservatives vs. liberals, Baptists vs. Presbyterians, traditionalists vs. progressives, “haves” vs. “have-nots.” Clearly, it’s not just our little corner of the world, but, sadly, it is true that derision is overwhelming our fair city right now.

    If you have been following the political news recently, you already know the current topic of derision.

  • Writer questions purpose of a grievance committee

    I’d like to make a few comments about the City Council’s decision to go against the grievance committee’s vote to reinstate officer Pat Parsons. Why does the city have a grievance committee if it disregards its findings?

    The grievance committee figured out from the facts that the verdict was excessive.