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  • Show spirit of holiday by helping others

    It’s debatable whether this recession, the one some folks are calling the Great Recession, is over or not. Some economists say it is; others won’t go that far yet.

    But a lot of people are still hurting. They’re unemployed or under-employed and have been looking for months for a new job and haven’t had any luck.

    Lancaster County, unfortunately, continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in South Carolina. Last month, it was over 18 percent, meaning officially almost 1 in 5 Lancaster Countians were unemployed in October.

  • Reader comments back on

    Back in August we asked those who made reader comments on our Web site stories to use decorum, be civil and respectful.

    Recently, several folks crossed the line of civility and we turned off the option for posting comments on the entire site.

    We contacted the offenders and we also blocked their ability to post comments. We didn’t like turning off the comment option.

  • Couple encouraging others to help replenish HOPE freezer

    I read in The Lancaster News about HOPE losing its freezer with the turkeys and rice.

    My wife and I were in Walmart and I saw a bin filled with turkeys.

    After returning home, I suggested to my wife to buy some turkey breasts and rice to help replenish part of HOPE’s loss.

    I hope this letter will touch your hearts and encourage others to help to fill that freezer so any needy family will enjoy a good meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    May God bless you.

    Pierce and Margaret Baker



  • Scouting Hall of Fame inductees deserving

    The Lancaster County Boy Scouts Hall of Fame is off to a solid start.

    The Scouts hall recently inducted its inaugural class, a trio who deserve their special place.

    The group includes retired physician Dr. William Duke, the late Dick Weisner and Lois Lucas.

    The Lancaster Scout Hall was started in a show of thanks to leaders, who have come from the scouting ranks. The hall also is a way to thank the volunteers who have made a positive impact on Scouts and guided them to be leaders.

  • AJ visual arts students support our Chamber Choir

    The visual arts students at Andrew Jackson Middle School learned about the Lancaster Chamber Choir from their chorus teacher, Heather Turner. They participated in a support project for the choir.   

    The goal was to design uniquely special thank-you stationery for the choir’s membership drive. Twenty-eight students of Heather Althoff’s class participated in the contest.

  • Veteran grateful for Honor Flight

    I want to express my thanks to the people of Kershaw for organizing Saturday’s Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. I am proud to have been one of the World War II veterans who made the flight. The trip was all that was promised. The transportation and visits to the various sites were as scheduled, and there were many moving moments.

    We were told that there would be groups at each of our destinations – Kershaw, Columbia and Washington – to welcome us. And they were there, when we left and returned home.

  • Salvation Army helps those in need

    There’s usually an increase in charitable giving during the holidays. It’s not that those needing assistance are fewer during other times of the year; it’s that the spirit of the holidays moves people to give a little more.

    Unfortunately, tough times often result in a drop in donations. And while we all hope our national jobs crisis improves soon, the sad fact is that millions of Americans have become unemployed since this time last year.

  • Time to stop all the negativity about President Obama

    I’m writing concerning Rob Emory’s guest column, “It’s not about change, it’s about control,” in the Nov. 27 edition of  The Lancaster News.

    The current administration is not taking over every or really any aspect of the American life. Today we are in a holy war – one which could go on until the end of time. This is not President Barack Obama’s fault. He and his administration inherited it.