Today's Opinions

  • Defense firm will get warm welcome

    Jobs. That’s what Lancaster County needs more of, and that’s   what Lancaster County is going to get.

    Defense Venture Group, which provides management services for several aerospace and defense-sector companies, announced last week that it would move its operations to Indian Land.

    The company will move its manufacturing, research and development functions and headquarters to the building beginning in March. Defense Venture is committing to invest $24 million in the county and to bring 220 jobs.

  • Subscriber appreciates delivery during storm

    My appreciation goes to the person who delivers my newspaper.

    It was a pleasure to go to the mailbox on Sunday morning on Jan. 31, and have my newspaper waiting despite all of the snow and ice.  

    I did not receive The Observer that nor my mail on Saturday. I have been subscribing to The Lancaster News for 34 years and have never not had my paper delivered despite weather like snow or Hugo.

  • Enrollment in private school continues to drop

    Tough economic times are forcing many families with children enrolled at independent schools to reconsider their neighborhood public schools.

    Newly released figures from the State Department of Education indicate that just more than 46,000 students in South Carolina attended independent, private and religiously affiliated K-12 schools during the 2008-09 school year. The number is down from close to 53,000 just five years before.

  • Handyman Service exemplifies Christian principles

    With so much global need that is seen daily in the media, at times it is easy for global needs to overshadow local needs. Daily at GoldenCare Adult Day Heath Services, we see elderly and disabled individuals on fixed incomes, many of whom are unable to pay for their medication. It is out of the question for them to afford to have a wheelchair ramp constructed. Without this, many Lancaster residents are cut off from needed services in the community.

  • 'Goodheartened' people make Shoebox for Seniors success

    I would like to thank everyone who donated gifts to the Lancaster County Council on Aging in December 2009.

    Again this year, we sponsored the Shoebox for Seniors, a project that was started about seven years ago.

    The seniors who receive services from the Council on Aging are provided with gifts.  Each wrapped shoebox or gift bag contains items that are very useful. These items include socks, gloves, lotion, candy, wordsearch books, etc. The project continues to grow each year with more participation from different churches, groups and organizations.

  • Mulvaney represents conservative values

    Congressman John Spratt has forsaken the 5th Congressional District by voting 97.8 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi. He can no longer be considered even a moderate Democrat, but, rather, the puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid.

    Mick Mulvaney is currently serving in the S.C. Senate, representing the people of Lancaster and York counties, and is running for the 5th Congressional District seat against John Spratt. He represents conservative values and would serve the 5th District well.

    Please join me in supporting Mick Mulvaney for Congress.

  • It's important to be part of TEA party movement

    My kids’ future and my country’s future are one and the same. Both are in peril. The TEA party movement is history repeating itself. It’s my generation’s revolution and it should have started quite a few years ago. One motto I live by is, “God helps those who help themselves.”

  • CORRECTION TO COLUMN: We cannot judge what goes on in another person’s mind

    Editor’s note: This correction ran in the Feb. 3 edition: Rosemary Whitlock said in her Jan. 31 column, “We cannot judge what goes on in another person’s mind,” that letter writer Myra McCants said anyone who commits suicide commits an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.

    McCants actually said, “Those who take their lives in their own hands are only thinking about themselves, not the loved ones left behind to mourn their death.”