Today's Opinions

  • Focus should be on issues, not insults

    This is in response to W.B. Evans’ letter, “A new political party emerges in Lancaster,” in the July 15 edition of The Lancaster News.

    Mr. Evans, my small church has no choir, but on occasion our congregation has sung, “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.” I am puzzled as to why in your letter to the editor you raised the question of whether we who attended the Independence Day TEA party sing this song.

  • Call centers not all about harassing

    In the June 14 edition of The Lancaster News, W.B. Evans’ letter, “Call center jobs allow unemployed to harass the unemployed,” he makes references to the call center training. “Ain’t America great? An opportunity for unemployed Lancasterians to get a job that will entail calling those still unemployed Lancasterians and blessing them out over past due credit cards,” he wrote.

  • Writer prays for those who closed fire department

    To all the County Council members who voted to close Pleasant Hill Fire Department: Just to let you know I am praying for you. I just hope you prayed for this closing because if you didn’t, you better ask for forgiveness. You let a lot of people down in Pleasant Hill by closing this fire department. How many mistakes have you made and had to ask for another chance?

  • Paper should warn about dangers of alcohol

    I am an old 5-and-dime cowboy who draws a little Social Security. Like most cowboys I still work because I don’t have a 401K. I don’t have a hidden agenda or an ax to grind, but The Lancaster News seems to publicize smoking is not a good thing and I agree that it is not healthy.

  • Pleasant Hill Fire Department will be missed

    I would like to thank all past and present of the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department and their families for the wonderful service they have given to Pleasant Hill and the surrounding communities over the years.

  • Put litter in its appropriate place, not on my lawn

    I stepped outside my house a few days ago and noticed that someone decided to redecorate my yard with various cups, beer cans and a pizza box. Apparently, someone driving along on the road I live on thought it would be appropriate to toss this garbage out of their car and onto my lawn.

    There are at least five convenience stores within five minutes of my house, where someone could stop by and drop off their trash in an outside trash can, since apparently there is a pressing need that requires this trash to be discarded of immediately.

  • Woman grateful for returned purse

    I want to thank the woman who took the pocketbook out of the buggy at Walmart about 7 p.m. on July 22.

    You do not know what a blessing it was to find out that you had taken it into customer service. I was just sick when I realized I had left it. I was so thankful.

    It is good to know that there are really good people in this world. May God bless you. He blessed me through you.

    Thank you again.

    Donna Imes

    Heath Springs

  • We'll regret closing our fire department

    I searched for an article to help me understand what the people who formed Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department hoped it would accomplish. I found an article in the Sept. 8, 1955, edition of The Lancaster News.

    “The area is one of the most thickly populated sections of the county and the organization will serve a large number of residents and property owners,” the article said.