Today's Opinions

  • Taxpayers deserve better from employment agency

    One of the most important things any government entity should do is ensure there is proper accounting for public funds so that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and opportunities for waste or fraud are minimized. That’s as true for small town government as it is for state government.

    Unfortunately, the goals of doing careful bookkeeping, providing strong financial oversight and being transparent with how money is spent are often paid mere lip service by those in charge of government purse-strings.

  • Lawson's Bend not a subsidiary of GS Carolina

    I wanted to correct some information in the recent editorial: “County seeks to untangle Edenmoor quagmire.” Lawson’s Bend LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L.M. Sandler & Son of Virginia Beach, Va.

    Lawson’s Bend hired GS Carolina to oversee the development of Edenmoor. As of March 2009, GS Carolina is no longer affiliated with Lawson’s Bend and is no longer on the Edenmoor Homeowners Association Board, since they obviously have nothing to develop.

  • Don't text, drive, use cell phone

    It’s a no-brainer that driving while texting is dangerous. But people do it every day. The worst offenders are probably younger people, especially teens and young adults in their early 20s.

    We say this because we see how immensely popular texting via a cell phone or a personal digital assistant (PDA) is with the younger crowd.

  • Blackmon backbone of county Veterans Office

    Robin Helms has some big shoes to fill. Chances are Helms knows that fact more than anybody.

    Helms, who served as Linda Blackmon’s assistant in the Lancaster County Veterans Office, has a first-hand knowledge about what Blackmon has done as the Lancaster County Veterans Affairs officer.

    Blackmon retired from her post at the end of last year to devote time to her family.

    If Blackmon is able to devote the time to her loved ones that she did with Lancaster County veterans, those good folks are in for a treat.

  • Public education is strengthened by school choice

    A few years ago I read an article that asked the question, what do Ronald Reagan, Dianne Feinstein, Thomas Jefferson, Milton Friedman, DC Mayor Anthony Williams, both Presidents Bush and former U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan have in common?

    My first thought was not much, however it turns out that the common interest they shared is what I have always believed about education – parents should have the chance to make decisions about how their children are educated.

  • Choose to have a healthy heart

    It is quite appropriate to celebrate American Heart Month in February. Focusing on the affairs of the heart provides a perfect opportunity to focus on the health of our hearts.

    The reason for American Heart Month is because cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attacks, are our nation’s No. 1 killer.

    The purpose of American Heart Month is to raise public awareness about cardiovascular diseases by raising money for research and to encourage heart-healthy habits.

  • Politicians need to remember who they work for

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees to each state a representative form of government. We do not now have a representative form of government. Instead, what we have are elected members from the Democrats and Republicans whose primary interest is party supremacy. Membership in these two parties combined are a minority when compared to independent voters, yet the two parties rule supreme.

  • Spratt has proven track record

    I want to respond to two items recently printed in the opinion section.

    In his letter to the editor, Jim King compared S.C. Sen. Mick Mulvaney with U.S. Congressman John Spratt. King praised Mulvaney, a South Carolina state senator, for his availability and his community participation.

    It was an unusual juxtaposition to then read the guest column above King’s letter, which explained Mulvaney’s role in the Edenmoor development and his broken promises.