Today's Opinions

  • Vote for Spratt for continued progress

    Many concur that when a government determines intervention is necessary in severe societal concerns, that government is merely doing what is expected of its elected members.
    Our nation was in terrible shape when the present administration took over. The previous administration had dropped us into a cauldron of lies, miscalculations and downright brainless decisions – by starting a war without cause and showering preferential treatment and protection from regulation on big banks, big business, big oil, the big drug industry, big donors, etc.

  • ‘Change we can believe in’ failed miserably

    Fully aware of the imminent challenges he was about to face, President Barack Obama swept into office with a bag full of ideological to-do lists. Mission: To fundamentally transform America with chants of “yes-we-can” and “change we can believe in.”
    This ideological platform was materially flawed at the starting gate. There is no wealth to spread. Why not? The answer is quite simply; the federal government has spent our country into borderline bankruptcy.

  • Sheheen is the best choice for education

    I’ve been looking at the web pages of two candidates for governor,  Rep.Nikki Haley of Lexington (R) and Sen. Vincent Sheheen of Camden (D), trying to determine who would make the best governor. I found that both candidates list endorsements.
    Haley is supported by Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney,  Jenny Sanford, a host of Republican lawmakers and a group of TEA parties. She is endorsed by several newspapers, including the Edgefield Daily News, the Seneca Daily Journal and the Post & Courier.

  • Voters must do their homework

    Mary Bernsdorff is running for the S.C. House District 45 seat. I can not question Mrs. Bernsdorff’s intentions or her motives in running for the State House.

  • Stable country will be bring about economic progress

    I am very sad at the level political discourse has fallen to in our area and especially in the U.S. House District 5 race. The York County Democratic chairman slanders our Democratic County Council chairman Rudy Carter. Not one local Democrat comes to his defense.  
    Rudy and I have never agreed on every issue. What I have found is a person who I know will do what he tells me he will do.

  • Mick gets his Walmart in Indian Land

    I’m writing this letter to let everyone in Lancaster County know how our millionaire state senator and candidate for U.S. Congress truly feels about you. I attended the grand opening of the new Lowes in Indian Land and spoke with our Sen. Mick Mulvaney, who was also there for the sawing of a 2x4.
    Our senator told me that now all he needs in Indian Land is a Walmart and he won’t have any reason to drive to Lancaster again.

  • Birchfield says jobs city's top concern

    Election Day is approaching very swiftly and I would like to tell you more about why I should be your choice for mayor of the city Lancaster.
    My name is Donnie Birchfield and I’ve been in Lancaster for 10 years when I married a local girl and relocated from North Carolina.
    I am now a local Baptist pastor and I understand how important first impressions are. I can relate to all types of people and have no problems listening and working together to improve our city.

  • Tillman is a common man with Christian morals

    Mr. Larry Honeycutt: You say you’re a Christian and your daughter, Cami, supports that measure by bashing Philip Tillman.
    Let us look at one issue for a moment. You are the councilman who supported the Blue Law amendment.
    There were several ministers pleading before County Council to keep the Blue Laws.