Today's Opinions

  • Gold mine news not all good

    I think we should step back and take a deep breath before getting all excited about the Haile Gold Mine.

    The process of mining is invasive, extractive and destructive, and the mine is not going to yield much for the community when compared to the benefits others will obtain.  

  • Census worker: I have job to do

    Hello, it’s me. I’m your local census enumerator. Yes, I left that little note that I had been by, trying to reach you. My job is simply to make sure that you and your household have been counted in the 2010 Census.

  • Couple grateful for care from local EMS

    About 5:35 a.m. on May 14 my husband started having chest pains and I had to call 911 and request an ambulance to come to our home.

    We live on S.C. 5 just off of U.S. 521. There was a first responder at my door within a few minutes. Within 10 minutes EMS from Indian Land was at my home as well. These people were so professional and showed so much care to my husband and me.

    My husband was transported to Rock Hill by them and I felt confident that he was being well taken care of on the way.

  • Cooperative promotes health, literacy at 5K race

    Some 126 runners and walkers gathered in front of the Carole Ray Dowling Center on May 8 to compete in the Lancaster Area Literacy Cooperative (LALC) 5K Race for Literacy. The race was part of the Red Rose Festival.

    Many participants were from the Lancaster area, but others came from surrounding South Carolina counties and from North Carolina to take part in the event.

  • Writer warns of absentee ballots concern

     After the letter from a previous writer concerning who should be our County Council District 2 representative, I thought I would not have to write a letter.

    But I wanted my community to know that the tricks in obtaining absentee applications are still going on. Do not be fooled. I sure hope someone in authority is paying attention.

    District 2 has become the topic of conversation in how to not follow the law. I voted in November 2009, for the most qualified person and I plan to vote on June 8, 2010, again for the most qualified person, Charlene McGriff

  • Cigarette tax increase will impact all of us

    It has been reported that people living in North Carolina drive to border towns like Lancaster and Fort Mill to buy cigarettes and gas because those products are less expensive in South Carolina. Now that we have raised the cigarette tax 50 cents a pack, we won’t be getting that revenue from North Carolina buyers.

    I didn’t like what Gov. Mark Sanford did to South Carolina when he left us without a governor for almost a week. But at least he does see the big picture. Why can’t other officials and leaders see it?

  • Writer suggests tax increase to save jobs

    I recently read some disturbing news in The Lancaster news. The Lancaster County School District is going to eliminate 100 jobs. This is so disturbing because the citizens of Lancaster are willing to pay $30 million to build a new courthouse, which we don’t need. We expect to receive $5.29 million less in funding from the state. Couldn’t we use a percent of these funds to support our schools?

  • The time for civility is now

    It seems the good advice given to me by my father many years ago bears repeating in these contentious times. These were the precepts by which he lived.

    1. If someone is not an immediate threat to you, never harm them intentionally nor hinder them in any way.

    2. Don’t make negative judgments about another – you are not in their shoes and they do not have the same understanding of a situation as you. We, as individual humans, do not have the right to the competence to judge another.