Today's Opinions

  • Nice car you’re driving, my comrade

    We are lucky to have President Barack Obama. He has taken over the auto industry. We don’t have to worry about what kind of cars we should drive. He will tell us.

    He has taken over the banks and mortgage companies. We will be sharing our homes with others who have no home. Something to look forward to.

    He will also give us national health care. Seniors will be denied treatment so that they will die early and the government will save those Social Security benefits. That will also take care of the shortage of funds in the Medicare program.

  • Mother upset with rude woman

    This is to the woman wearing a long, green-flowered dress, glasses and short brown hair, who came into the nail salon at Walmart last Sunday afternoon.

    I was there getting my daughter and her friend’s nails done.

    Everything was going well until you came in. You dropped nail polish on the floor and it busted on my 10-year-old daughter.

  • Promises made, promises broken

    You have to admit they are impressive. The seven architectural shafts of light at the entrance of Inspiration Ministries City of Light campus on U.S. 521 in Indian Land are definite eye-catchers.

    The shafts of light symbolize Inspiration Ministries’ commitment to “bring” light to people on every continent.

    But it’s the ministry itself that’s now in the spotlight. CEO David Cerullo owes the success of his organization to the people who donate to his ministry. The donations have provided healthy salaries for Cerullo, his wife and children.

  • Writer asks for clean-up of Kershaw mill village

    I read the recent story about the arrests of 218 people on various charges. I applaud Lancaster County Sheriff”s Office.

    I encourage the Sheriff’s Office to keep up the good work, but please don’t forget about the Kershaw mill village.

    We have a lot of drugs down here. I am 66 years old and I came back last year to live here. It is so sad to see what has happened to the old mill village.

  • Time spent with your child valuable

    Children live in a world of confusion and misunderstanding. Some children are very poor. Some seem to have it all. Or do they?

    Money and possessions are not the most important things in life. We, as parents, need to slow down and focus on what our children truly need. Time is so precious. And love even more so. Their little hearts need to know how very much we love them.

    They need to feel protection from the evil that so badly wants to pull them out of our arms.

  • Jackets buzzing with pride

    The 2009 spring has been a flood of athletic honors for Buford High School sports teams in a  watershed season.

    The success of the upstart Buford High School softball team under the leadership of first-year coach “C” Davis has been well-chronicled in its banner state championship run.

    Another first-year coach, Jackets’ baseball mentor Eric Funderburk, guided the BHS nine to an impressive postseason on the diamond.

    BHS had to win a final regular-season road game with rival Indian Land to earn a bid to the Class A Upper State playoffs.

  • Kershaw Chamber sets goals

    The Kershaw Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who participated in the Spring-a-Thon this year.

    It was through the efforts of many – sponsors, vendors, chamber members, friends and those who attended – that made this another successful year.

    Our town, community and county truly works and pulls together and the chamber appreciates every act of courtesy.

    As the Kershaw Chamber of Commerce’s new president, I have some ideas about the direction the chamber should be going to make Kershaw the productive town it’s destined to be.

  • Returning jobs to America will help financial crisis

    To write an opinion piece, one must have an opinion. You know, something you think up all by yourself. Internet news sources and major newspapers are really harping on a senior citizen’s worst nightmare – the imminent demise of Social Security and Medicare. This scare comes up every once in a while to keep us old folks on edge.

    Yes sir, I, as a young man with a family, probably fussed when I saw the deductions coming out of my pay to support old people and those unemployed.