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  • Obama gets an F in economics

    I would like to respond to Arlene Harris’ letter, “Face it: We have a black president.” First of all, I don’t quite understand the statement “your president.” Does that mean the white people’s president or because he was a Republican or both? Let’s face it Ms. Harris, President Bush was our president. Mr. Bush made some mistakes, but he also kept this country safe from foreign terrorists attacks after 9/11.

  • Coach displayed true sportsmanship

    At a recent soccer game we won 4 to nothing against the other team. Our coach (Michael) Lundy cheered on both teams. We could have lost if it wasn’t for his sportsmanship. Several times they lost more and more players and winded up with four players which made me angry. Because of it, Coach Lundy did right, but something was not right with me. I was the missing sportsman. I should have been more like Coach Lundy.  Shouldn’t we all?

    Luke Faulkenberry, age 7



  • Woman grateful for help after fire

    I would like to thank all who helped me during the loss of my home on Feb. 26, including McDonald Green and Gooches volunteer fire departments.

    These are very special men who volunteer their time and risk their lives for our communities. They need your support and prayers at all times. Thank you deputy Branham and investigator Marshall for their time in a caring, polite and professional manner.

    Thanks to all who called and offered to help and let me know they cared. Thanks to the Red Cross for their help. Thank you Allen Laneou for calling to let me know.  

  • Writer recommends the movie 'Fireproof'

    “Fireproof” is a movie worth watching. It is a very good film for everyone. It is about time someone came out with a film that the entire family can watch. It has a good lesson for helping struggling marriages. It comes at a time in history where the divorce rate is out the roof. I thank the people who did this film. A job well done.

    J.R. Everette

    Fort Mill


  • We must treat each other with respect

    Job Development Credits (JDCs) and corporate income tax are factors in business recruitment not only in Lancaster County, but the entire state of                South Carolina. Both have support and opposition.

  • Positive economic indicators do exist

    Got the blues about the economy? You’re not alone. A lot of folks are feeling stressed, anxious and, yes, depressed about the recession.

    But please don’t shoot spitballs at us because we’re messengers of bad news. We want the economy to get out of this rut, because we’re affected by tough times, too. Unfortunately, in the past week or so, there has been more bad economic news to report.

  • CareNet helping people every day

    CareNet recently celebrated a milestone – its first anniversary of full-time operation at its clinic in Medical Arts Building 5 near Springs Memorial Hospital.

    That anniversary comes at a time when the national economy is on the rocks and the local unemployment rate is staggering – 17.5 percent in January, according to the latest state figures.

  • Litterbugs ignorant, nave, deniers and outlaws

    Litterbugs ignorant, naïve, deniers

    and outlaws

    Things I have learned about litterbugs.

    1. They are as numerous and as pesky as fire ants and mosquitoes.

    2. They are as hard to get rid of as bed bugs or fleas.

    3. In spite of their tenaciousness, litterbugs are not a hardy breed. When it is cold or rainy, they don’t like to open their car windows to throw out litter.

    4. Most litterbugs smoke cigarettes, others get takeout from fast food restaurants – and horrors – some even drink alcoholic beverages while driving.