Today's Opinions

  • We shouldn't distort history for political points

    I read with interest Rudy Schmidt’s Sept. 16 letter. However, the historical facts are as follows:

    In March of 1867, military rule by virtue of an act of Congress, both houses being Republican, replaced the civil administration in the South. The South was divided into five military districts under general officers taking orders from Gen. Ulysses Grant.

    It may be argued that since the theme was one of punishment of the rebels and technically under marshal law, the white South was preparing to recover supremacy by the only means left: tomfoolery and terror.

  • Family grateful for community garden

    My family gardened at the Lancaster County Community Garden on Springdale Road this summer. We grew and ate tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, okra and beans. We grew enough to donate to Christian Services and Family Promise.

    As a family our gardening experience was somewhat limited. My mother had gardened successfully 30 years ago and my husband and my children had grown a limited amount of vegetables on our property. We needed space and sunlight and others to glean gardening knowledge from. The Community Garden provided those needs.

  • Civics still alive in schools

    From time to time, anyone who follows politics will decry the lack of understanding that “kids today” have about their own government. “Civics,” they will invariably lament, “just isn’t taught anymore.” I admit that I have fallen prey to that cynicism myself from time to time.

    But while old-fashioned civic classes may be a thing of the past, it is nice to get a pleasant reality check from time to time. I got one – actually two – of those last month.

  • Horton family grateful for support

    Clyburn O. Horton Sr. died July 2 with his family by his side. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people and organizations that helped us during this difficult time.

    We cannot begin to express the gratitude for the support we have received during the years since his stroke. DHEC Home Health, Mackey Family Practice, Lancaster Surgical Center, Springs Memorial Hospital, AmbuStar and Emergency Medical Services of Lancaster took great care of him medically.

  • Lancaster County roads are in need of crucial repair

    There is construction under way at Korner Kupboard at the S.C. 903 crossroad.

    That intersection needs attention, but here have not been as many accidents there as there have been at the S.C. 522 crossing at Hinson’s Trading Post. There are numerous accidents at that crossroads.

    The speed limit and stop signs are ignored. Does a life have to be lost before it is noticed?

    The roads in Lancaster County are being ignored unless they are located in the panhandle.

  • Democrats are lying about ObamaCare

    The evening news is not fair and balanced. The news should be facts, but it is actually opinion disguised as fact.

    Here ar  a few facts for you to chew on.

    The Democrats lied about Social Security just as they are lying about ObamaCare.

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised that:

    - Participation in the Social Security program would be completely voluntary

    - The money we elected to put into the program would be deductible from our income for tax purposes each year

  • ACC should be ashamed to back NAACP boycott

    The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) recently announced a decision to move its 2011-13 baseball championships from Myrtle Beach to North Carolina. The reason? It says the Confederate flag flying on South Carolina’s Statehouse grounds violates their commitment to “diversity, equality and human rights.

  • Volunteers make Sept. 19 food distribution program a success

    I would like to thank all of the volunteers who came out on Sept. 19 and helped make the Americans Feeding Americans Caravan a success.

    My personal thank you to Elaine Adkins, executive director of HOPE in Lancaster, for all of her guidance and making all of the contacts within the community to make this event go smoothly.

    Thanks to all the volunteers at HOPE for getting the vouchers into the hands of the recipients and also coming out Saturday to work all day making sure that those who came without vouchers were screened and given vouchers.