Today's Opinions

  • There are some in Congress we can rely on to get job done

    At the time of this writing, there is still a stalemate in Washington about raising the debt ceiling. In the past there has never been a problem with raising this ceiling.
    During the Reagan administration it was raised 17 times and during the George W. Bush administration the debt ceiling was raised eight times. Now all of sudden, with President Barack Obama in the White House, there is a problem with raising the ceiling.

  • There is still time to amend ordinances

    Kershaw Lancaster County Council still has time to rectify Ordinance 1073 and rescind Ordinance 1080. 

    The agenda for the first meeting in August can still be amended to include these matters. 

    The six month waiting period is about to end and we may be again facing attempts to place a sanitary landfill in our midst. 

    Why would council not want to eliminate Ordinance 1080 and this assure the public they are sincere in their representation of us? 

  • Don’t move the county farmers market or change hours

    Don’t move the county farmers market or change hours 

    I have enjoyed visiting our Lancaster County Farmers Market this summer, thanks to the vendors who share their vegetables and the hard work that comes with growing them. 

    I have heard that some would like to move the market uptown and only have it open Saturday.

    Please leave the market on S.C. 9, where it is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and convenient for all. 

  • Congress is forcing trillions of dollars in debt on youth

    Congress is forcing trillions of dollars in debt on youth 

    Whether by design or accident, Congress and the Obama Administration have managed to offend the vast majority of parents in America.

    This includes parents of all races, all ethnic groups, all nationalities, all union members, all members of management, all atheists, all religions, the poor, the wealthy, the middle class, the liberals, the conservatives, the centrists, the libertarians and all other citizens concerned about oncoming generations.

  • An American fairy tale

    Our son has maxed out his credit card that we have given to him. He wants us to increase his debt limit again.  Because we have done it many times in the past, he says we should keep doing so. We have asked him to curb his spending and he is getting mad because we have asked him this too many times now. We are getting mad because he keeps running the card up to the new limit.

  • Our View: Don’t play shell game with taxes

    Tax hikes and fee increases have been in the news a lot lately, as they always are this time of year. All across the county, residents are learning they will have to pay more in taxes and fees in the upcoming year.
    Lancaster County School District recently approved a 5-mill tax increase, which will cost the average Lancaster County homeowner about $20 more this year.
    The town of Kershaw’s budget includes a 1.2-mill tax hike, which will cost its homeowners $4.80 more in yearly taxes on a $100,000 home. It also increased its water and sewer bill by $7.

  • Column: S.C. Guard program helps refocus at-risk youths’ lives

    It’s one of society’s most important challenges – rescuing at-risk youth from a life of crime, drugs or hardship.
    Across the state and nation, people from all walks of life stand united in the shared goal of reaching out to troubled teens before it’s too late. Civic clubs, church groups, school organizations, government agencies and individual citizens alike devote much time, effort and resources toward helping at-risk young people.

  • Letter: Young need to put down guns; parents need to speak up

    To our young men: Put down your guns and pick up a trade to become the young man God created you to be.
    Your family is really those who suffer the most – your parents and children left behind, weeping for a wrong decision that you made. Making bad decisions instead of the right decisions, causing your parent to be in debt. Allowing your parent to explain to the child who is left behind, asking “Where is my father, where is my mother?”