Today's Opinions

  • 'Good to know God still alive at Buford High'

    My grandson, Jesse, graduated from Buford High School on May 28. I was never so proud of Buford than on the night of his graduation.

    During the graduation, God was mentioned so many times by the students and faculty. There were prayers said and the Lord’s Prayer was repeated by everyone at the graduation. How often do we hear this in our schools today?

  • 'Don't give Spratt another term to waste our heritage'

    U.S. Rep. John Spratt spoke to the Lancaster Democratic Party in March. Spratt said there are still things he needs to do in Washington and asked for their support in the coming election. I suppose he wants to return to Washington to vote for more legislation that he never reads and will cost South Carolina more money.

  • Residents should have S.C. tags, not N.C.

    I would like to make a statement to Steve Willis, county administrator, about his proposal to either increase property taxes or the road fee to pay for traffic sign replacement.

    Why doesn’t the county go after the folks who live in Lancaster County yet they have North Carolina tags on their cars? You see a lot of them around the North Carolina state lines.

  • Officials should govern America to be its best

    I would like to respond to Ed McAteer’s guest column, “If this were the wild, wild West, we would call him trigger-happy,” in the June 4 edition of The Lancaster News.

    Once again we have another so called Christian who wants to blame all of America’s problems on a two-year president. McAteer still feels justified in questioning a man’s religion, faith and patronizes, just because of his name.

  • ‘Spratt remembers everything Pelosi tells him’

     ‘Spratt remembers everything Pelosi tells him’

  • Are there signs of economic recovery?

    Layoffs. High unemployment. Decreasing home values. Pretty much paints the picture of our current economy.

    Actually, that was the picture econmist Steve Rick painted three years ago. Since 2008, Rick has shared his economic philosophy at Lancaster County’s economic forums, which were sponsored by Founders Federal Credit Union and the Lancaster County Chamber of Commece.

  • Kudos to Morrow for SAT effort


    Kudos to Morrow for SAT effort

  • Jackson Shrine Club grateful for support


    The members of Jackson Shrine Club would like to thank Brad Munn and his staff at the Kickstand. Brad and his staff have helped the Shriners raise more than $30,000 during the past three years for Shriners Hospital for Children in Greenville. We would also like to thank the merchants in Lancaster County for their continued support.