Today's Opinions

  • Hospital week begins today

    A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal; it’s a part of a community that fosters health and represents hope. From providing treatment and comfort to the sick, to welcoming new life into the world, hospitals are central to a healthy and optimistic community. That’s the message of the 2012 National Hospital Week, which is celebrated this year on May 6-12.

  • Vote Democrat if you support our education

    Since the 1970s, the Republican strategy in the South has urged white voters to defect from the “civil-rights-supporting Democratic Party.”
    This continued through the years, with attacks on busing and affirmative action, then immigration and welfare. Newt Gingrich recently labeled President Barack Obama “the food stamp president.”  

  • School choice: Why speculate?

    John Adams wasn’t thinking of school choice when he famously stated, “Facts are stubborn
     things,” but his insight can bring clarity to a debate that remains clouded with misleading claims.
    As state lawmakers consider school choice legislation, it is crucial that stubborn facts determine the decisions they make. Any policy dealing with how children are educated in South Carolina deserves nothing less.

  • America’s dream of civil society fading

    It was a Friday evening and we went to dinner at a local restaurant. We sat down and had just started to look at the menu, when from a booth a few tables away, we heard the sound of a mother cursing at one of the two small children with her. She was swearing about a green balloon one of the children wanted. A moment later, she was threatening to beat them if they didn’t eat their food – again using foul language.

  • Lack of insurance deterrent to skate park

    Editor’s note: Lancaster resident Dustin Owens has sought support from Lancaster City Council, Lancaster County Council and Lancaster County Parks and Recreation for a local skateboarding park. In a letter, “Skate park supporter’s request falls on deaf ears,” published April 4, Owens shared his disappointment at the proceedings. Steve Willis, Lancaster County administrator, responded to Owens in a letter. Following is Willis’ response.

    Dear Dustin,

  • We need some changes made in county

    I would like to thank letter writer John Realmuto, “Writer: Call Lancaster ‘last of Wild West towns’ in the April 13 edition of The Lancaster News, for your observation.
    Please remember when you’re at the voting booth this election that we have a great Republican candidate running for sheriff this year. His name is Scott Case, who graduated high school, is a U.S. Navy veteran and holds two college degrees.

  • Catawba casino is just what state needs

    Lancaster, York and the surrounding counties have an opportunity that is probably the envy of many counties and states in America. What I am talking about is the Catawba Nation’s plan to build a casino on their reservation.
    The potential and benefit, especially to Lancaster and York counties, not to mention the state of South Carolina, is a welcome gift from the Catawbas.

  • Know signs of child abuse and neglect

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.
    In 2011, S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) officials report that the agency investigated 17,514 cases of abuse or neglect throughout the state. Of that number, 6,810 cases indicated some form of abuse.                  
    Lancaster County investigated 423 cases of abuse or neglect, and, of that number, 152 cases indicated some form of abuse.