Today's Opinions

  • Funderburk: Support McGriff in special election

    I am Blondale Funderburk, a former candidate for the vacant County Council District 2 seat. I was given a wonderful opportunity to represent our county in the Sept. 15 primary election. However the district cast its votes for Charlene McGriff.

    As we move forward to the Nov. 3 special election, we as a district, must focus our attention on the Nov. 3 candidate.

    I would like to thank District 2 residents for their support and I look forward to representing them in the future.

  • Bruins set excellence standard

    When Lancaster High School teams compete, it’s a known fact they strive to play within the rules.

    The Bruins’ athletic program has the hardware to prove it.

    LHS recently was presented a S.C. High School League Sportsmanship Award after the Bruins were nominated from their region for the honor.

    The latest award has been presented to the Lancaster High School athletic program twice in the last three years.

  • Offenses Against the Election Laws

    SC Code of Laws and Regulations is found under the Quick Links section on the South Carolina government Web site, sc.gov.

    CHAPTER 25.


    SECTION 7"25"10. False swearing in applying for registration.

  • Partisan politics more important than Olympics in America?

    I would like to respond to John Cauthen’s Oct. 16 letter, “Oh the agony of the 2016 Olympic defeat.” His very political letter indicated that he would rather see President Barack Obama fail than have the Olympics come in America. I  guess America first doesn’t apply when partisan politics are involved.

    Stephen Winn



  • Voters can stop Congress through ballot box

    Well, it’s started already. There is a well-qualified gentleman considering running for our congressional seat next year. So, right out of the box, comes a lengthy tirade against him, full of baloney. We are hearing than Mick Mulvaney is a millionaire and John Spratt is not. We’re hearing that it’s important to send Spratt back to Congress again.

  • Health care reform bill includes abortions costs

    The health care reform bill is currently being debated in Congress. Democrats have continually voted down any protection for unborn babies.

    Rep. John Spratt has been among those who have repeatedly voted for abortion rights.

    If this bill passes in any form that is being discussed now, then taxpayers will have to pay to end the life of unwanted babies.

    Please call your congressman now to let them know that we do not want to pay to end a life. Hurry.

    L.G. Stevens



  • Don’t need to compromise liberties for broken system

    The participants of the TEA parties should band together to form a moderate third party. This way both parties can be held accountable to the American people in a similar fashion as to what the so-called public option has been intended to hold the insurance companies accountable.

    This grassroots movement comprises a collective mission that is incompatible with traditional partisan politics.

  • If you love someone, tell them so before it is too late

    Brennie Love, my grandmother, passed on Oct. 7, 2009, just three weeks shy of her 93rd birthday. Although family members are still weeping, we rejoice in our total assurance that we know where Granny is and that we loved her and provided her the best care available.

    She never had to wonder if she was loved. She knew she was. Surrounded daily by family members and friends, she couldn’t see, but she could hear the voices of friends and family as she tried her best to communicate back to us that she loved us too. It was precious.