Today's Opinions

  • It’s time to take back the South

    Where does C. Furr, writer of the letter, “Freedoms come from God, not soldiers,” come from? He or she is not from our area and needs to go back to wherever he or she came from. I have had it with these Yankees coming down here telling us what we need to do.

    If the the North was so great,  why do you not go back? If you choose to live in the South, please do not bring your nasty attitudes here. We do not want them.

  • Medicine costs more, thanks to Obamacare

    My late father-in-law, Albert Rankin, used only two words to express himself when unbelievable circumstances arose.

    Simple and to the point, he just uttered “beats me.”  I figure if Pop was living today, he would be speechless.

    I have been sitting silently ’cause I do have Medicare, which costs us more than $200 a month and, of course, we have to cough up a huge co-pay when we go to our doctor to renew our same old prescriptions. I read about folks having to come up with hundreds of dollars for this so-called Obamacare. 

  • Watch those tax deadlines

    While many of us are recovering from the holidays and looking forward to a busy 2014, it’s important that county homeowners remember the residential property tax deadline is coming soon.

    All residential property taxes are due in our office by Jan. 15 – and the late penalties can be costly – so please don’t be late.

    Those homeowners whose tax payments are postmarked after Jan. 15 will have a 3 percent penalty assessed.

  • Boy, 9, knows meaning of Christmas

    By the time you read this Christmas will have come and gone, yet this is a story that still needs telling. A young man at the tender age of 9 has the ability to know his own mind, to think of others and to share what he has with those less fortunate than he, be they people or animals.

    We received a Facebook message recently from Paula Livingston Nguyen, who said she had some pet food and blankets for us and could one of us please meet her in Indian Land to pick it up.

  • SPCA grateful for local support

    The team at the Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

    We are very thankful to all Lancaster County residents for their generosity and overwhelming support.

    We are a small rescue group, but we hope we will make a difference in the lives of unwanted Lancaster County animals.

    Our team is dedicated to providing all our animals with love, security, good health and finding that perfect home.

  • I still believe in U.S. Postal System

    ecember 1941, I ordered a J.C. Higgins Roadmaster bicycle and the post office sent me a letter postmarked Greensboro. That letter was to inform me that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor caused the folks in Washington to order a freeze on stuff essential to the war effort. For the life of me, I never did figure that one out.

    Shucks, I watched all the John Wayne war movies and I never saw him riding a J.C. Higgins Roadmaster bicycle across the battlefield.

    W.B. Evans


  • You teach children respect by showing it

    My friend, a grandmother to a child at Indian Land Elementary School, posted this on Facebook the day after she had expressed so much excitement about seeing her child’s Christmas program on Dec. 12 at the school.

    Please, parents, be considerate of other children and teachers and remember, you are teaching your child by every word, action and attitude you express.

    What you teach them today will stay with them forever.

    This season, when we are supposed to celebrate peace, joy, love and hope, is not modeled by this behavior:

  • America is in an undeclared war

    The title says it all. With seven decades of living experience, I thought that I had seen most everything that life had to show. Well, I’ve been proven wrong.

    America, wake-up! A new war has begun. Call it a new revolution or another civil war. You can choose any name you wish; they all translate the same. Make no mistake – we are at war.

    Most of the civilized (the term is used loosely here) nations of the world understand what is happening here better than we do.