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  • Column: Troubled agency? Give it to the governor

    In South Carolina, many state agencies that carry out executive functions are nonetheless run by boards appointed by the legislature and the governor. Typically when one of these agencies has major problems, legislative leaders propose making the agency a “cabinet” agency.

  • Column: S.C. visitor analyzes why we’re wary of outsiders, government

    Scottish poet Robert Burns once wrote, “To see ourselves as others see us! It would from many a blunder free us.”
    Here’s a letter I received from a reader in 
Somerville, Mass. He asked me not to use his name.
    Dear Mr. Noble:

  • Column: Psych 101 garbage?! Oh, let me differ, sir

    Ronald Hopkins’ letter in Wednesday’s Lancaster News was in criticism of Phil Noble’s previous column concerning South Carolina state government being corrupt. His points may have been well taken except for one with which I must take issue: He asked, “Where did that garbage come from… psychology 101?”

  • Letter: Why can’t Kershaw get its roads fixed?

    We have three roads out in Kershaw. There is one in Taxahaw and two below Kershaw, and the state won’t offer to fix them because they don’t have the money.
    Well, where did they get the $14 million to widen Highway 160 in Indian Land?
    The state is just like the county. All they do is tell you lies when you ask a question. Everyone waits till everything tears up before they try to fix it. Then it costs much more.
    Everything Indian Land wants, Indian Land gets with no problem.

    Bub Faile

  • Column: How to make America great again? There’s only 1 option

    Donald Trump says it every day: “Let’s make America great again.” The slogan adorns his hats.
    Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump for that, insisting America is already great. But she used the phrase herself in 2007, while making her case against the Bush administration.
    After a decade and a half of trouble on many fronts, most of us would love to see America restored to a former state of greatness – economic, military, political, moral or some combination of those.

  • Letter: S.C. corruption: This is news?

    It took a half page for Phil Noble to tell us the South Carolina state government is corrupt. What a shock! Next he’ll be telling me the federal government is corrupt too (but only if the Republicans are in charge). This is news?
    Then Mr. Noble tells us, South Carolinians, that we have a plantation mentality. My God! If a conservative said that, he’d be ostracized into the deep woods to live his life in shame as a bigoted racist. Besides that, where did that garbage come from…psychology 101?

  • Letter: Sen. Scott marks 9/11 anniversary

    Fifteen years ago, the course of America was changed forever. So many of us remember exactly what we were doing, and exactly where we were.
    We hung on every word on the news, every image we saw, and we prayed and hoped that it was just a terrible nightmare.
    Nearly 3,000 Americans perished on 9/11. Thousands mourned the loss of a loved one who would never return home, and we were all in shock and disbelief at the tragic loss of life.
    We cannot change history, but we can keep each of their memories alive every day.

  • Column: Can-kicking on S.C.’s 3 biggest problems

    The true test of political leadership is making the hard, long-term and right decision instead of the easy, short term and wrong decision.
    Said differently, do our political leaders genuinely work to solve problems or do they just kick the can down the road?
    Unfortunately for our state, kicking the can down the road has been the unofficial sport of the State House crowd for nearly a generation. Can-kicking results from politicians who refuse to look down the road farther than the next election. For too many, making tough decisions is just not in their nature.