Today's Opinions

  • Opportunities abound at USCL, Palmetto College

    One of the questions I am often asked when I am in the community is, “Your campus has grown so much over the years, when are you going to become a four-year campus?”

    My answer is, “While we remain the largest two-year campus in the USC system, eight four-year degrees are now available right here.”

  • Saturday’s Moulin Rouge Gala to celebrate local cultural life

    A 9-foot-wide, bright red windmill will greet visitors to the Bradley Arts and Sciences building at University of South Carolina Lancaster this week.

    To give it its French name, the “Moulin Rouge” forms the centerpiece of the flamboyant and colorful décor which will be the setting for this year’s Art and Soul Gala on Saturday, Feb. 7.

  • ‘Lousy job’ on road repair

    ‘Lousy job’ on road repair

    I would like to let it be known that Lancaster County made some kind of repair at the corner of U.S. 521 and River Road.

    When the workers were done, they just filled the hole with gravel and did not fill the hole all the way.

    There are holes big enough to knock a hubcap off, and there are edges where they cut the road that could bust a tire. They did a very lousy job and I think it should be redone.

  • Be very afraid when government says this a year of action

    President Barack Obama has said this will be a year of action. This scares me more than watching a horror film with the lights turned off.

    Simply because when the government takes action the people are usually the ones being acted upon.

    If you are one of the 33 million people with their heads buried in a chip bowl or melting cheese on everything in the house including the cat, you may have missed the laundry list of new taxes that just came into effect.

  • Facts, without the whining and ranting

    This article is in response to the Brooks Walker’s column, “Obama opens himself up for criticisms,” in the Jan. 16 edition of The Lancaster News and John P. Lage Jr.’s column, “Noble twisted facts to defend Obama,” in the Jan. 18 edition. Both articles were crticizing President Barack Obama.

    Shame on both of you for misrepresenting facts.

    Here are the facts:

  • Going to school can be deadly

    One Wednesday morning I couldn’t sleep and I knew my Lancaster News would be in that little orange box at the end of the driveway. So, I slipped on an old coat and took a plunge into the darkened morning.

    The moon seemed to be hiding behind some clouds, then I noticed the flashing yellow caution lights of a school bus coming to a stop on the curbside southbound lane of old U.S. 521.

    Why the only traffic stopping was directly behind the bus. All other lanes were in race mode. But kids will dart into traffic, they’re so young and trusting.

  • Pay attention to the details in this legislative session

    With a new session that began Jan. 13, the opportunities for positive reforms to our system of governance, tax structure and personal freedoms should be plentiful.

    And while there are some strong reforms on the table this year, it’s the weak refoms – and even some measures that would take us backward – that will likely take center stage if citizens don’t keep a watchful eye on their lawmakers.

  • ‘Someone needs to go to jail’ for the $130 million scandal

    These were the words of outrage of freshman S.C. Legislator Cezar McKnight when discussing the scandal of the $123 million in fines the state has paid for its 25-year failure to comply with federal law with regard to deadbeat dads.

    The question is, can this young reformer do something about this, or will politics as usual in South Carolina prevail?

    First the legislator and then then scandal.