Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Will miss reading Mr. Evans’ columns

    I am so sorry to hear of Mr. W.B. Evans’ passing. I looked forward to reading his “Remember When?” columns.

    Jo Anne Broughton

  • Letter: Mr. Evans inspired many in Lancaster

    W.B. Evans was one of the best storytellers Lancaster has had. He inspired a lot of people as he did me, and he will remain in our hearts.
    Mr. Evans is a legend here for his stories. He is telling his stories about Chesterfield Avenue to Jesus now.
    W.B., we love you. God bless you, your family and your Lancaster News family.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Letter: Officers showed courage, restraint

    Lancaster Police Department Sgt. Dustynn Burlingame deserves public praise for the courage and restraint he demonstrated by not discharging his weapon at a suspect who presented a handgun while being detained.
    Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Carroll also deserves credit for assisting Sgt. Burlingame in the apprehension of the subject.
    Their actions shortly after midnight on Sunday, June 26, brought to mind a saying I heard years ago: “We sleep peacefully at night because brave men and women are patrolling our streets and protecting our homes.”

  • Column: Our apathy makes us vulnerable to tyranny

    Revolutions must be popular because they have happened so often. In the Third World, revolutions are almost a national sport.
    Those revolutions are actually tyranny taking over another tyranny. Every revolution in history has always claimed to be carried out in the name of the people, but the people never get to run things.

  • Column: Out of many, we are one

    E Pluribus Unum or out of many, one.
    This 13-letter phrase became an official part of the Seal of the United States by an act of Congress in 1782. It was the de facto motto of the United States until Congress officially made In God We Trust the national motto in 1956.

  • Letter: Thanks for staging Charlesboro Fourth

    I want to thank all who were in the Charlesboro’s July 4th parade. Thanks Kenny Hinson and Johnny Arant for the flags on the posts, and everyone else who helped.
    The music was provided by the Sims family. Thank you to them and all who provided food, nice and drinks. And I want to thank Stacy Faile for a beautiful fireworks display.

    Nancy Vincent

  • Letter: Don’t open door to anyone at night

    Editor’s note: Carl Miles, a frequent contributor to this page and a general uplifter of spirits, was severely injured by an intruder several months ago. We’re happy he has recovered enough to begin writing again.

    About two months ago, I was lying on my couch about 1 o’clock in the morning. Someone knocked on my door, and I opened it.
    A guy who must have been on dope was there. He said, “Do you have any money?” I replied, “No.”

  • Editor's Column: Weaver wilts in Ansley Park spotlight

    Imagine that this newspaper is being accosted by organized complainers demanding that our publisher take action on their long-standing concerns.

    The publisher calls a big public meeting to hear their gripes and get her editor’s recommendation on how to proceed.