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  • Column: Tracing racial politics from Tillman to Trump
  • Letter: A fitting time for poem on promises

    In most elections, we choose the candidate we believe will be the most reliable, talented president for the next four years. But this year, the ethics records of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump read like a who-done-it fiction novel.
    Both promise to deliver the best health care and the best employment opportunities. Trump promises a fence, and Clinton promises that every e-mail she has ever sent is perfectly above board.
    I wrote a poem called “Presidential Promises” years ago. It seems to fit like a glove this time around:

  • Letter: Who decides what rights are universal?

    In his guest column, Keith T. Grey Sr. said, “We want all nations to uphold universal human rights.” But he does not say whose idea of human rights should be universal.
    Would he enjoy the human rights of pre-war Japan, or the Buddhist’s idea of human rights? If he chooses the Muslim idea of human rights, would he select the Shia, Sunni or Wahhabi idea of universal human rights? He could also choose the Pakistani or Yemeni idea of human rights.

  • Column: Defending ‘progressive left’ principles

    In reading the letters, comments and columns printed in these pages over the years, one could easily get the impression that holders of “progressive left” values are responsible for everything from the Biblical Flood to the Black Plague to the entire national debt, not to mention adolescent acne.

  • Letter: Faile’s litter efforts greatly appreciated

    Lancaster residents should be proud of our sheriff. Barry Faile has been very aggressive with litter cleanup, and has created the Lancaster County Litter Program. The program is currently supervised by an inmate supervisor.
    The people of Lancaster would not believe all of the trash, including old tires and old television sets, that people put on our roadsides. The trash, dirty diapers, dead animals and furniture end up in our county creeks. Lancaster County citizens could be a big help to our law enforcement officers if they will report any unlawful dumping.

  • Letter: McCoy’s proposals for schools criticized

    The Democratic candidate for sheriff has suggested two calls to action related to drug use in the community.
    First, William McCoy has consistently called for implementation of substance abuse prevention programs in local schools. Had he taken time to study the issue, he would have found that the Coalition for Healthy Youth, a group of 40 public, private, civic and faith-based entities, have worked together for almost 20 years, and have assisted with implementation of evidence-based prevention programs in every school in the district.

  • Letter: Democrats should flip sides, vote Faile

    In the spirit of the journalism adage “never bury the lead,” I’ll get right to the point and encourage every registered voter in Lancaster County to re-elect Sheriff Barry Faile.
    The position of sheriff should not be a partisan office, but it is. And Sheriff Faile is a Republican. I implore Democrats to refrain from voting a straight party ticket, and instead “cross over the aisle” to elect only the individual with the qualifications, vision and leadership necessary to maintain public safety in our community.

  • Letter: Mulvaney has paid attention to farmers

    I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor concerning Congressman Mick Mulvaney not supporting farmers, which suggested he is not worthy to be re-elected. I am a full-time farmer in the congressman’s district.  
    I have made my living farming my entire career, as did all of my forefathers. The congressman has visited my farm and has visited farms in every county in his district, as well as farms outside of his district.