Today's Opinions

  • Column: Ban evil religious sect in our midst – the Presbyterians

    There is a dangerous, revolutionary group that has a long history of violence and is driven by a fanatical religious belief that they were chosen by God. They have infiltrated our state and country and threaten our way of life and our very existence.
    We must, at a minimum, make those who are here register, establish surveillance on their places of worship and keep others from entering our country.
    I’m talking about the Presbyterians.

  • Letter: Last minute gift idea: Donate!

    My son, now 13, has autism. He is developmentally behind, so he’s like a very large 3-year-old. His only interests are beads and pocket-sized trucks – not cars, pickup trucks only.
    There are only so many pickup trucks to be found in the toy aisle, and chances are pretty good that he already has at least one of each. Beads come four for a dollar at any discount store, and I already have enough on hand to keep him well-supplied through his 40s.

  • Letter: Some candidates are boosting ISIS recruitment worldwide

    This is a response to Dr. Brooks Walker’s “fear-mongering” article in the Dec. 9 edition of  The Lancaster News, which was a response to my article of Nov. 25.
    Walker says we should “come together and seek truth” in this immigration issue. But we cannot, due to persistent rhetoric by presidential candidates who insist on keeping their radical ideas on TV every day of the week. They help ISIS in their recruitment all over the world.

  • Column: The problem isn’t guns and drugs, it’s lack of hope

    Once again, activists are addressing drug and gun violence. After reading the “Slayings Provoke Activists” article in the Dec. 9 Lancaster News and thinking on this problem, I believe it’s not the drugs and guns that they need to focus on, but the attitudes that young people are growing up with.
    It’s the bullying all children receive at the hands of others from babyhood on. It’s children absorbing all that “adults” do. And if you’re a little one, anyone taller is an adult to you.

  • Letter: Heartland Church thanks BBQ buyers

    We would like to thank everyone that made our BBQ sale possible on Nov. 21. We sold out! May God bless you. Thank you!

    Patsy Rollings

  • Letter: Bad intersection on Flat Creek Road

    My wife and I have lived at 2379 Flat Creek Road for 13 years. During this time the traffic sign on the median strip at the turning lane in front of our house has been run over and knocked into the road at least five times, the most recent on Sunday morning Nov. 15, about an hour before sunrise.
    Each time I have removed the sign from the roadway to prevent further damage to vehicles. We call the highway department each time and have suggested they should remove the weeds and repaint the curbing to make it more visible. We asked this again when we called Monday morning.

  • Letter: Let’s get serious about next president

    I’m from a different era. Folks had concerns back then – jobs, economy and safety – but about the greatest difference was the way folks acted. They didn’t just say a bunch of raw stuff against the president of the United States.

  • Letter: Immigration brings America strength

    This is a response to Bruce Miller’s recent articles on restricting immigration.
    Let’s look at what has happened to America in the last 50 years.  America is the land of opportunity, and you get what you make out of it. Opportunities are not far scarcer today, as Miller writes, they are just different.
    Did a company named Apple exist 50 years ago? Obviously, someone saw an opportunity, and those ideals exist for those who are fortunate enough to get to America.