Today's Opinions

  • Presbyterians don’t vote for Democrats

    In response to Phil Noble (and I use that term loosely) and his Dec. 18 column about our cult (Presbyterians), he forgot to mention that we do not vote for Democrats.

    Ronald Deese


  • Leatherman firm received $1.8 M in road contracts

    A federal program designed to put African-American and female business people on a competitive footing with their white male counterparts in one of the largest “Good ‘Ole Boy” networks around – highway construction contracts – is profiting the most powerful white male legislator in South Carolina – the goodest, oldest boy around, one might say.

  • We are at war with Islam

    In the Dec. 18 Lancaster News, guest columnist Phil Noble’s metaphor for Muslims being denied entrance into our country is asinine.

    Let me ask, Mr. Noble, how many children have the Presbyterians buried alive? How many people have they burnt alive? How many towns, tribes and villages have they flat-out massacred?

    How many have voluntarily strapped bombs to themselves and gone out into crowds to kill?

    How many think it’s their duty to kill all believers? How many have flown jets into buildings? How many, Mr. Noble?

  • Let’s preserve IL’s small town flavor

    Indian land is a beautiful town, and I would love to see more mom and pop stores and maybe a HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx here in Indian Land. Maybe a couple of good restaurants. We could use a great breakfast, pizza and sandwich shop. A great seafood and Italian restaurant. Us Northerners love the South, love the people, but miss the great food from the North. 

    What is not pleasant are the two eyesores being built on 521. More storage being built. Don’t we have enough storage and gas stations here? They seem to be everywhere.

  • ‘Merry Christmas’ shouldn’t be offensive

    What a wonderful time of year! Or, is it? For many, it is, but for many others, it isn’t wonderful at all.

    For some, it is a reminder of a painful Christmas in the past. Perhaps the death of a loved one occurred during the Christmas season, and now, each year when it rolls around, it is nothing more than a horrific memory from a bygone day.

  • Call it tyranny when citizens are shut out

    We seldom hear the word tyrant anymore, except perhaps to describe a spoiled child or unreasonable boss. Language has become so soft and powerless that, while it may not offend, neither does it convey much.

    These days Americans cringe at intensity in political language. That’s understandable given the constant onslaught of material designed to get the attention of donors, activists and voters. And no doubt there’s a lot of anger in our country, which is increasingly volatile and dangerously unfocused.

  • Warming center for homeless needs volunteers

    The Lancaster Area Coalition for the Homeless has been working hard to expand services for the homeless in our county, and we need your help in doing so.
    The coalition is pleased to announce the opening of the Lancaster Warming Center, which will begin operating as soon as we can get volunteers in place.
    The winter months are a time when the most vulnerable members of our community are most vulnerable to the elements. We will need much more community support moving forward, and we are offering many opportunities for the community to get involved.

  • Letter: Thank you for great medical care

    My wife was transported to Springs Memorial Hospital’s emergency room in very serious condition.
    The care of a great team of doctors, nurses and staff, who were quick-acting and professional, saved her life. They showed so much care and compassion for my wife, and also for me.
    Thank you for the excellent care she received for three weeks on the fifth and sixth floors and in the rehab department. We were discharged with good instructions and also resources to come to the home for care.
    Thank you.

    Don Brazzell