Today's Opinions

  • Column: I’m outraged about all the moral outrage

    Welcome to the new age of moral outrage! I have been listening to various news shows, and all are caught up in the various scandals of the hour.
    Trump has taken center stage for his womanizing, while Hillary hides behind various network apologists for her revelations through WikiLeaks. The other two candidates are not outrageous enough to warrant notice, even though Johnson’s involvement with the marijuana industry would have been a big story a few years ago, but there seems to be no interest today.

  • Candidate Column: In judging public servants, syntax isn’t that important

    I would like to comment on an article in Wednesday’s Lancaster News entitled “Harris, Blackmon discuss city’s finances, crime, business climate.”
    As I said on Oct. 24 during the forum, running for city council again was a hard decision for me to make. Maya Angelou stated, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”

  • Candidate Column: Mainstream conservatives must look for a new party

    The leaders of the Republican Party forfeited its future when they allowed Donald Trump and his radical-right followers to hijack their party, and America won’t know the future of its partisan politics until after the election. Political pundits predict that Hillary Clinton will be elected president despite her unpopularity, and that the Republican Party will be left in disarray.  

  • Letter: Voters do not need Bickford’s approval

    The dangerous thing about Sheila Bickford’s letter, “Reader disgusted by Trump’s campaign,” is that she believes people (T-shirted women, Lancaster pastor, elected representatives, office seekers) should not vote for candidates unless she, Ms. Bickford, approves of them.

    Laura Landgraff
    Indian Land

  • Letter: Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

    Mr. McCoy, I read where you said Williford Faile hired his son Barry at the sheriff’s office. Williford was a great sheriff.
    You know they say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Williford was a proven leader, and so is Barry.
    Mr. McCoy, you talk a good fight, but talk will not get the job done. You can’t solve crime with talk.
    If you want a proven leader that will get the job done, vote Barry Faile.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Letter: Neither candidate can claim high morals

    While I share one of your recent readers’ concerns about the outrageous behavior of Donald Trump, I disagree with the idea that voting for Donald Trump is putting conservative views ahead of moral conscience.
    In this election, there is no candidate who can claim the moral high ground. Hillary Clinton has been shown to be a habitual liar incapable of telling the truth. She has engaged in influence pedaling and serious duplicity in her public life. If there was ever any doubt, the WikiLeaked emails settled that.

  • Letter: ‘Clinton has no regard for human life’

    In response to Sheila Bickford’s letter last week, “Reader disgusted by Trump’s campaign,” she said that a minister put his conservative views over his moral values, but I beg to disagree. Hillary Clinton has no regard for human life with her stand on abortion.
    As for the bullying and abuse, that is caused by the way the children are being raised today and the fact that liberals will not allow just punishment for fear of not being politically correct.

  • Column: We must see past political parties

    I have watched both presidential debates, listened each
    day to CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.
    As a pastor who was created by God to be African-American, I have become utterly disgusted as well as enlightened by this presidential election process. It has shown the ignorance, brokenness, hypocrisy and unresolved issues of race relations in our country and unfortunately in my city. It has shown the power of media to “spin” facts and confuse voters.