Today's Opinions

  • County adult educators care about students

    I would like to let everyone in Lancaster County know that we do have some of the nicest and most wonderful folks in our town.

    The teachers of the adult education classes are so caring and they devote their time to help others. We are fortunate to have such devoted people.

    They always seem to have the time for each student there.

    They listen to you either about work or everyday life. They are not just there for the teaching. They go far beyond their ability to help each and every one.

  • It's time to get serious about health care reform

    Contrary to what State Sen. Mick Mulvaney’s article said last week, not every federal program has led to socialism or even socialized medicine.

    For more than 60 years, presidents in our country (starting with President Harry Truman) have tried to enact a federal health care plan that would cover everyone and not exclude anyone for a  pre-existing condition. Over those 60 years, Republicans in Congress and their supporting lobby interests have succeeded in killing all such plans.

  • Pet owners should be responsible

    Choices: We make them everyday. Most, we make without giving a thought to how these choices will affect our neighbors. Being a responsible pet owner, as well as a good neighbor, however, takes effort and thought. Case in point: Keeping your pet (dog) in your yard.

    Outdoor activities are enjoyed by numerous people in my neighborhood. On any given evening, you may see a couple jogging, a father and son bike riding or others walking their dogs.

  • Media doesn’t reveal true story about plane trips

    In my first race for Congress a local reporter in Myrtle Beach had taken a few words from an interview and used them in a different context to paint a picture that was far from what I believed. When I confronted him on taking my words out of context his simple reply was, “Life is out of context.”

  • Writer: Use hospitality tax for supply fund raiser

    The Hospitality Tax is something the City Council has kept secret for years. But now the secret has become uncovered since more than one minority is serving on council. There have been more requests for funding since Linda Blackmon-Brace, Kenny Hood and Tamara Green were elected to City Council.

    But there is one council member, who has forgotten how he got where he is. Growing up, something other than his family’s income paid for his basic needs.

  • Get facts straight before making hasty decisions

    The protests at the town hall meetings have hit a nerve. Our duly elected officials were merely trying to inform the public of the health care bill, but hecklers made it impossible to get the story straight.

    They want to blame their misfortune on the politicians, when this bill is designed to help the American people. The opposition’s careless attitude gets in the way of making it easier for people without insurance to get it, either subsidized or gratis.

  • Tonight's Classic a win-win situation

    Lancaster County football fans are in for a gridiron bonanza tonight.

    The sixth annual Founders Federal Credit Union Kickoff Classic offers county high school football fans the only chance to see all four teams at one site this season.

    In addition to Founders, The Lancaster News, Carolina Gateway and Carolina Shopper serve as media sponsors for the game.

  • History does not have to repeat itself

    Do the nationalized health care systems of Western Europe and Canada provide better health care than what we have in the United States? Well, not according to my research.