Today's Opinions

  • Blackmon-Brace grateful for supporters

    I awoke on Nov. 15 at 3 a.m. to a peace that passes all understanding and I had to say thank you Lord, you have been so good to me.
    I would like to express my gratitude to the 927 people who cast a vote for Linda Blackmon-Brace for mayor of the city of Lancaster.

  • Volunteers reason for Boo FunFest success

    On Oct. 30, the city of Lancaster hosted its annual Boo FunFest in historic downtown Lancaster. City Hall parking lot became a place where the children of Lancaster could gather for an evening of games and treats without the tricks.
    From 4-7 p.m., children of all ages filled the streets to enjoy free popcorn, punch and games. What originally began as a safe Halloween alternative for children to trick-or-treat, Boo FunFest has grown to become an annual Halloween destination for families throughout Lancaster. More than 3,000 people attended this year’s event.

  • Library, its employees vital to county

    I would like to ask the public to treat Lancaster County Library employees with respect.
    I would also like to ask county officials to consider pay raises for the employees and more funding for the library.
    I visit the Lancaster County Library three to four times a week.
    I have seen people who come in to the library who are very disrespectful to the employees there.

  • Farmer's market moving forward

    County Council reorganized its farmers market commission this summer and now it’s supporting a plan to upgrade the market itself.
    Officials say since the commission was reorganized, with mostly new members, the market itself has seen an increase in business. But the physical location across from the sheriff’s office on Pageland Highway, could use some renovations. Councilman Jack Estridge said at a recent council meeting that the market facilities have been neglected for years.

  • Democrats lost sight of people they serve

    Why were the Democrats defeated? And make no mistake about it – this wasn’t a win for Republicans; this election was an anti-Democrat vote.
    The Republicans only prevailed because the various tea party movements didn’t coalesce into a third party. If they had, the Republicans would not be enjoying their new-found majority.

  • Our emergency managers talk-the-talk, walk-the-walk

    It is vividly sun-drenched and a swelteringly warm afternoon in the crowded San Antonio, Texas, hamlet called the River Walk, as Air Force blue suits and civilian counterparts, including myself, casually walked around the halls of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
    Air Force Emergency Management experts recently joined about 2,500 others, representing the best military and civilians from around the world, at the 58th International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) conference.

  • Students reason for Rambler's success

    Rambler Day, one of the highlights of the Lancaster High School academic year, is met with much anticipation each spring.
    The LHS school term is well-chronicled in the yearbook and students always look forward to its arrival on Rambler Day.
    The 2010 Rambler, as it turns out, is extra special.
    The Lancaster High School annual was recently chosen as the best yearbook in the state by the S.C. Scholastic Press Association.
    The Rambler also won the Palmetto Award for finishing tops in Class III, its division.

  • Flag display was not appropriate

    Why did our local post office fly our national flag at half staff on Nov. 10 and 11? Did a directive come from Washington? Did President Barack Obama issue a proclamation? Have the rules of flag etiquette been changed?
    If this is in commemoration of Veterans Day, it is not an appropriate display of the flag.
    Veterans Day is a day to honor our veterans – not a day of mourning our dead.
    We honor the memory of our deceased veterans on Memorial Day. On that day, the flag is flown at half staff until noon and then it is raised to the top of the staff.