Today's Opinions

  • Stop the destruction of America

    Enough is enough. Despite losing recent battles over TARP, the “porkulus” bill, cap and tax and the recent personal failings of several conservatives in leadership positions, there is no time to mourn.

    While the statist agenda, charging ahead full bore, has pushed conservatism back, there is too much at stake for inaction. We must draw the line here: This far, no further.

  • Wall Street fats cats will determine your utility bill

    The U.S. House of Representatives, with the vote of our Congressman John Spratt, passed the so-called cap-and-trade bill, which will increase our electric bills by an estimate of 50 percent. The bill passed with just a 12-vote margin.

    The safe fat cats on Wall Street who drove this country to the brink of financial ruin will be in charge of how much your bill will be.

  • Writer questions TEA parties during Bush’s tenure

    I would like to respond to Danny Faulkner’s letter, “Focus should be on issues, not insults,” in the July 31 edition of The Lancaster News.

    Mr. Faulkner, I have a few facts and questions for you. When Bill Clinton left office in 2001, we (the United States) had a budget surplus. George W. Bush took office and eight years later the economy has been driven in the ground like an Idaho potato. The only TEA parties we heard about during Bush’s tenure are the ones little kids took their baby dolls to.

  • America is turning into a group of tribes

    I am writing as an American, who has watched the erosion of my country since my birth. We are at a crossroads of self-destruction just as many great countries have been throughout history. Whether we come out of it as a nation that is recognizable to us or not will be left to the means of its people.

    Until we stop these Democrat, Republican and Independent parties of discussion we are going to become nothing more than a group of tribes.

  • Remember, love is a verb

    I recently accompanied my daughter to the S.C. Employment Security Commission. I dropped her off about 10:30 a.m. and ran some errands. When I returned at 11:30 there was still a huge line of people left to be seen. My daughter had not yet been seen and I sat down and waited with her for awhile.

  • Focus should be on issues, not insults

    This is in response to W.B. Evans’ letter, “A new political party emerges in Lancaster,” in the July 15 edition of The Lancaster News.

    Mr. Evans, my small church has no choir, but on occasion our congregation has sung, “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.” I am puzzled as to why in your letter to the editor you raised the question of whether we who attended the Independence Day TEA party sing this song.

  • Call centers not all about harassing

    In the June 14 edition of The Lancaster News, W.B. Evans’ letter, “Call center jobs allow unemployed to harass the unemployed,” he makes references to the call center training. “Ain’t America great? An opportunity for unemployed Lancasterians to get a job that will entail calling those still unemployed Lancasterians and blessing them out over past due credit cards,” he wrote.

  • Writer prays for those who closed fire department

    To all the County Council members who voted to close Pleasant Hill Fire Department: Just to let you know I am praying for you. I just hope you prayed for this closing because if you didn’t, you better ask for forgiveness. You let a lot of people down in Pleasant Hill by closing this fire department. How many mistakes have you made and had to ask for another chance?