Today's Opinions

  • IL school situation has become dire

    I am following up on Brian Endres’ letter, “IL Residents Disappointed with Board,” in the Aug. 26 edition of The Lancaster News. Endres was very polite in his invitation to Dr. Gene Moore and the rest of the school board to visit our Indian Land schools to witness first hand the overcrowding situation.

    I second his invitation, and I will do my best to follow his polite tone.

    I implore the parents of children in Indian Land schools to attend the next school board meeting to be held at 7 p.m. Sept. 15.

  • The current distaste for dynasty politics

    Given recent events in the early stages of the presidential campaign, one cannot help but wonder why there is a political revolt heading into the 2016 elections.

    At least part of the explanation may lie in the notion that Americans have at times disdained hereditary political candidates, or at least harbored deep suspicion about their leadership qualifications.

  • Help for local roads coming

    Smooth pavement. It’s been increasingly hard to find in Lancaster County and South Carolina in recent years. Help is on the way, though, that will resurface more than 50 miles of roads in the county in 2016. That’s a tenfold increase over the number of miles resurfaced in some recent years.

    Due to a filibuster late in the legislative session, senators were unable to debate a House of Representatives road-funding bill before our mandatory adjournment date in June.

  • Physicals cornerstone of healthy school year

    There are many things that must be done before sending your child back to school. In addition to buying new clothes and stocking your child’s backpack with the right supplies, make sure she or he has an annual physical and the proper immunizations to start the new school year on a healthy foundation.

  • Prayer allowed in CFF

    I 90 percent agree with Carl M. Miles’s recent letter, “America needs to return to God.”

    The only reason I say 90 percent is that the Supreme Court did decree in 2001 that Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) was approved to conduct non-denominational Good News clubs, like Sunday school, in public schools in their after-school programs.

  • Sun City resident unhappy with Pulte

    I have been a resident of Sun City Carolina Lakes from near the beginning.

    When I first moved here, the sales center was touted to be used as an additional area for meetings, club facilities and as needed by the HOA, once the development was completed.

    Now Pulte Homes has demolished the sales center and is going to build 13 homes on the former sales center site and two nearby parking lots.

    While Pulte Division President Jon Cherry said he is excited about the additions, we, the residents, are not.

  • Sales center was never meant to be permanent

    er writer Bruce Ryden expressed his disappointment in Pulte Home’s decision to demolish the Sun City Carolina Lakes sales center and build 13 homes on that site and two nearby parking lots.

    It was never in Pulte’s original plan for the sales center to be a permanent building. It was constructed to be used as a sales center and until the Lake House was built as a gathering place for clubs, etc.

    The plan filed with Lancaster County always called for houses to be built on that piece of property near the end of the of the build-out.

  • The truth of consequences

    Is it possible for people to be smart and foolish, educated and unwise? The elected leaders of America, our judges and our progressive ideology seem to say yes. When one studies the ideology of the political progressive left I would say yes.