Today's Opinions

  • Trying terrorist in N.Y. has all the makings of a hung jury

    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

  • Buck’s story reminds us to control litter

    The Nov. 15 article, “Keeping track of Buck,” is a great story.

    Thanks to The Lancaster News for publishing the story.

    Many thanks to Bill Price for educating us about our wonderful fishers, the Osprey.

     It behooves all of us to be mindful of our trash and how we take care of it so that all of our spectacular wild life does not ingest it. 

    Sandra Danforth


  • Plenty to cheer about at Buford

    There’s been plenty to cheer about at Buford High School this fall.

    The Jackets’ football team finished as the Conference III-A runner-up to eventual state champion Chesterfield.

    The Jackets advanced to the second round before falling to the Rams, who captured their third state crown.

    The Jackets’ cheerleaders, who lead the spirit on game night, also did the maroon and gold proud.

    The Jackets, coached by Julie Thompson, returned to the state championship competition this fall and placed in the top 10.

  • Students have right to celebrate Christmas

    At this time of year, educators, administrators, parents and students are concerned about celebrating Christmas at school. I read an article in Home Life magazine that answers questions about specific Christmas activities.

    Can we include religious music in our school assemblies and programs? Yes, Christmas carols are still legal. In Lynch vs. Donnelly, 1984, the Supreme Court noted “Christmas hymns and carols in public schools” are one of the legitimate forms of taking official note of Christmas and of our religious heritage.

  • We owe so much to 'The Greatest Generation'

    The recent article in The Lancaster News about World War II veterans going to Washington to visit the World War II Monument caused me to remember these great men that I have known.

    Tom Brokaw called these men and women “The Greatest Generation.” Great indeed.

  • Saturday event benefits pets

    It is the season for tinsel and holly, Christmas trees and the presents underneath it and the celebration of the birth of Christ.

    It is also the season of giving just so you can see the delight in the eyes of the gift receiver.

    Let’s not forget warm fuzzy puppies and kittens, who snuggle in your arms and give you kisses enough for a lifetime.

  • Guardian grateful to Honor Flight supporters

    I’m writing this letter in great appreciation to the Honor Flight Kershaw team members, the Rev. Bryant Fersner and Amy Pierce of First Baptist Church of Kershaw, Al Poston, David Williams, John Portman, Ernest Stroud, Ginny Hendrix, Giulia Stellato with the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, all guardians who accompanied the veterans and especially Bill Dukes of Columbia, chairman of the board of directors for Honor Flights South Carolina, who made a commitment that as many World War II veterans as possible would get to see their memorial.

  • Sanford, why don’t you just resign now?

    A S.C. House panel is now into its third week of hearings to determine whether Gov. Mark Sanford should be impeached for deserting the state for a five-day tryst in Argentina with his lover last summer and nine alleged ethics violations. It threw out 28 charges involving travel and campaign funds Thursday.