Today's Opinions

  • Don’t fall prey to scam artists

    Almost everyone is having to be creative to deal with the economic downturn we are experiencing locally, nationally and across the world. That includes scam artists.

    Recently we published a story about a lottery scam making the rounds throughout the county. These type of scams are pretty similar. They usually involve a letter notifying a potential victim that he or she has won a large sum of money. Sometimes the letter asks for a good faith check for a specified amount from the winner. Once that check is received, the organization says it will forward the prize money.

  • Allow the unemployed to use savings to pay off home

    I am tired of hearing everyone telling people who have lost their jobs to refinance their loans. If you don’t have a job what bank will help? You can’t make payments if you can’t work, no matter how low you try to get your payments.

  • Fibromyalgia complex disease that robs its victims

    I applaud Sandra Sims for her devotion to try and get the word out about fibromyalgia. My spouse at the early age of 46 was medically retired from the work force because of this condition.  Healthy up until this time, she was a powerhouse for the Air Force and produced more work of any three persons could normally do.  

  • Discovery students salute community leaders

    On March 23, the kindergarten and first grade classes of the Discovery School saluted some very special people. Our children sang songs and recited poems about the efficiency and dedication of Lancaster’s city and county professionals who serve us as community helpers.

  • South Carolina needs workable stimulus option

    Although we are constitutionally guaranteed free speech, it is illegal to walk into a crowded movie theater and yell the word “fire” if there is not one.

  • We don’t have mob mentality: Taxpayers are just fed up

    This letter is in response to Mr. Charles Bundy’s “mob-mentality” column on April 1. Mr. Bundy – I really don’t think you get it. Please don’t confuse mob-mentality with blue-collar taxpayer mentality. The world “mob” as you put it is me, my neighbors and just plain everyday folks across this country. You see, Mr. Bundy, the vast majority of us “mob” mentality taxpayers don’t make six or seven figure salaries – even when combined with our spouses’ salaries.

  • Wear denim: Show support for victims

    We are asking all employees of our local nonprofit organizations, civic governments and other employers to help us recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

    As part of that effort, we are asking people to break the dress code and the silence on April 22 and wear denim to work.

    Denim Day is sponsored by Palmetto Citizens Against Sexual Assault to enlist public support to dispel harmful attitudes about rape.

  • Boy was I wrong about TEA party

    I attended the local TEA party tax protest Wednesday. I thought I had met some really warm, good-hearted people and even began some would-be long friendships.

    I watched a cable news channel, which supported my feeling that these were good people exercising their constitutional rights.

    But then I flipped over to CNN and MSNBC. Thankfully, they told me the “real truth” – that some of these people at the rally were dangerous. In fact, some of these people could have been opposed to abortion.