• World peace possible, one country at a time

    On Sept. 22, 2006, my letter “Methods of religious conversions similar,” was published in The Lancaster News. Back then all the rage was over comments Pope Benedict made during a speech about Muhammad. Six years later, with current events in mind, it seems like déjà vu.

  • Nutrition and exercise important for seniors

    Several months ago, my staff participated in a health and wellness event in Columbia. Hundreds of active seniors gathered to attend classes and watch cooking and exercise demonstrations to learn more about the importance of proper nutrition and remaining fit.
    In the United States, heart disease remains the leading cause of death, but through preventative measures such as eating healthy and staying active, proper nutrition choices along with exercise can help lower your risk for many chronic diseases associated with aging.

  • Gaffes aplenty at convention

    The Democratic National Party had an official party gaffe at its recent convention. A gaffe is when a politician or party official actually says what he or she mean.
    The Democrats had several at the convention. They told us about themselves and we should pay attention.
    The Democrats had a “God-is-out, but-now-he is-back-in-boo-God!” event with a voice vote. They had numerous speeches in favor of unlimited abortion and a non-stop celebration of homosexuality with a push for gay quasi-marriage. God is back “in” now in word only.

  • Religious beliefs have no place in political views

    I read Wayne Walton’s column, “Abortion a selfish choice.” I am a Democrat, a proponent of abortion and a Christian.
    If anyone, Christian or not, wants to debate the abortion issue it is our constitutional right. But those who define being a Christian by apposing abortion goes against everything I believe in.

  • Past time to repair ‘Pothole’ Road

    We appreciate Sen. Greg Gregory’s concern about the condition of our roads. I’ve lived on Potter “Pothole” Road for 43 years and it has not been resurfaced since I’ve been here. It has just been patched.
    This section of Potter Road is 1 1/2 miles between S.C. 9 and and Camp Creek Road at Five Points crossroads. It has been resurfaced on both ends, but not this section.

  • Community helped make fundraiser a success

    On behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Lancaster County, we are delighted that our Bluegrass, Barbecue and Building fundraiser on Aug. 25 was such a great success. The bands and the Cloggers put on top-notch performances, and the sell-out audience had a great time. It took a lot of work, but we had a lot of help. Thanks to your support, we raised more than $5,000 toward local construction projects. That’s what it’s all about – more decent, affordable housing for lower-income families in Lancaster County.

  • Handicapped parking spots not for the able-bodied

    I am very upset with the number of people who park illegally in handicapped parking zones in Lancaster County (Indian Land).
    My wife and I live in Indian Land. I could have acquired a handicap tag two years ago, when I had my second heart failure. But I waited and just recently got one.
    We visit Walmart on U.S. 521 about three or four times a week. There has never been a time when we don`t see one or two cars parked in handicapped parking without a window tag or a license plate for handicap parking.

  • No ID, no vote: It’s just that simple

    What is the big deal about having to show an ID to vote? It is the right thing to do. My husband and I have always had to show our IDs when we voted.
    If you don’t have one, you should not be able to vote. It’s as simple as that. According to The Voter Integrity Project, there are 30,000 deceased people who are still on the voter books. Don’t you think those names should be removed? Also, people should only vote once.
    It doesn’t cost anything to be honest. Just do it.

    Ruby Bailey

  • Campaign contributions investment in the rich

    In the midst of this political season, I am disappointingly struck by the tremendous amount of money being spent on two presidential campaigns and other federal, state and local campaigns. I believe this not only saddens me, but tens of millions of Americans. Viewing this tremendous amount of money being spent by so few people seeking political offices, I feel driven to write this letter.

  • Smoker asks to be left alone

    It seems like every time I pick up the newspaper or turn on the television, I see something about how it’s wrong to smoke or how the government wants to curb or ban smoking.
    Do you all not have anything better to do than to frown on or criticize our habit? Some people cannot just kick the habit like others can. I admire anybody who can quit cold-turkey, but I am hooked and cannot just quit.