• Whittlesey’s thinking on environmental issues flawed

    In response to the guest column by Franklin Whittlesey Sr., “What’s next? Taxing sun?,” in the Jan. 6 edition of The Lancaster News, I first would like to thank him for the Wikipedia-inspired copy-and-paste astronomy lesson on the size and make-up of our neighboring planets, as well as the shocking revelation that the Earth’s core is made of molten lava.
    Now I’d like to ask him: What’s any of that got to do with the price of beans? 

  • Current road repair system is not working

    Last year, The Lancaster News published a series of articles about the horrible conditions of roads in Lancaster County.
    The newspaper cited examples through several photos. One of the roads was Taxahaw Road – the road I live on.
    According to the article, the last time Taxahaw Road was paved was before 1994 and the S.C. Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining Taxahaw Road.

  • Community helps save Christmas for 47 children

    When God closes a door, he always opens another. This was truly demonstrated this holiday season.
    During a burglary at my shop, Gonzie and Son’s Assembly Shop, most of my bicycles and bike parts were stolen and sold for scrap metal.
    I could only think of the families who would not have bikes for their children during this Christmas season.
    A special thank you goes out to Barbara Rutledge and Christopher Sardelli of The Lancaster News for the story printed on Dec. 9, 2012.

  • Bring prayer back into our schools

    What is happening in our world today? People are going crazy with all the murders. We truly need to return prayer to our schools. Children weren’t dying then like they are now because of these monsters controlled by Satan.
    We must not let atheists control our country. We must teach our children to pray.
    I believe demons walk this earth to find some poor soul to do Satan’s will. Where Jesus is, Satan cannot abide.
    We must put Jesus back in schools. If atheists do not want their children involved, then they can be excused.

  • Our faith is the reason we can cope with tragedies

    How do you cope when you hear there has been a shooting at an elementary school where your child attends?
    How do you cope when you get the news that all the children are accounted for except the class where your child is a student?
    How do you cope when someone tells you the sad news that everyone in that classroom is believed to be dead?
    How do you cope when you are asked to identify the body of your son or daughter and the only way possible is by the clothes they wear – the ones you put on them as they prepared for school that day?

  • Beware of Christmas decoration thieves

    Over Dec. 8-9, someone chose to take a Christmas decoration from our property. It was a cute, red mailbox with Snoopy on top. The mailbox door opened and closed, with little Woodstock sitting inside the mailbox door.
    We decided to purchase this decoration with the hope that it would bring a smile or some joy to passersby. Little did we know someone would take it away!
    So beware; there are people out there who think it’s OK to take things that don’t belong to them – even Christmas decorations.

    Sue Campbell
    Indian Land

  • Gun owners: Consider buying a gun safe

    In light of the recent tragic events in Connecticut, I appeal to community gun owners to consider, if you have not already, buying a gun safe and keeping it locked, while you hold the key.
    The shooter’s mom was a gun owner and, while she felt safe with guns around, they were used on her. The gun safes will keep the guns out of the wrong hands. Also if you follow the local news, you know there have been a lot of break-ins in the area and the sheriff’s deputies say they are looking for guns.
    God bless ya’ll.

    Ron Wyman

  • Disrespect of flag illustrates disrespect of troops

    In this era of patriotism when we are encouraged to show our patriotism, support and respect to our troops and nation, I am appalled at the way some people desecrate and disrespect our flag.
    With a modicum of patriotism they run a flag up their pole and forget it. It stays raised day and night, rain or shine until it is a tattered rag. Once it blows away or people take it down, I’m not sure how they dispose of it. I doubt they go to the effort of proper disposal – either through the Boy Scouts of America or the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

  • SCOTUS should reverse Abington v. Schempp

    What a tragic sight and sound as we see another act of “craziness” by an individual who goes on a shooting spree, killing innocent men, women and even young children.
    The solution to prevent this type of terror is not to ban guns. It is not the NRA. It is not about guns at all. Gun rights were protected by our Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment to protect Americans against an aggressive and mutinous government.

  • Now is time to unite for our future

    We made a difference in Europe during World War II by partnering with the Soviets. After that moment of unity, we spent decades fighting them during the Cold War, including its associated proxies. An old adage states that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Right now, despite the obvious political opposition, our common enemy is the fiscal cliff. This problem has been extended for years. Now is the time to unite and fix this for once and for all.
    Economists warn that inaction could lead to a double-dip recession.