• Norrell ‘will strive to make a change’

    It is imperative that we vote for people in the next election not because of popularity, familiarity or incumbency but because of integrity. The crime and corruption in our dear little Lancaster is horrendous. The economy is poor and worsening. The work ethic is gone. We need new leadership.
    My vote is going to Mandy Powers Norrell. She is a wonderful, bright young lady, who I feel will strive to make a change. She is someone who you will not say a year later “why did I vote for her.”

    Dr. Douglas l. Tiedt

  • Alcohol sales will not bring jobs, money

    Let’s be Lancaster and vote no to Sunday alcohol sales. Let’s hold on to the last respectful right we have in this county. You say we are Lancaster. Let’s prove it on Nov. 6 and vote no.
    Ask yourself if a few extra dollars are worth the lives that are taken by alcohol. There never has and never will be any good that comes from alcohol sales. It destroys lives, homes and marriages. It takes family members. I know because I’ve lost three. They are in a graveyard because of alcohol.

  • What will Sunday alcohol sales really do for us?

  • Why I’m not voting for Mulvaney

    Mr. Mick Mulvaney has been in political office for six years. He’s a what-can-you-do-for-me politician, not a what-can-I do-for-my-constituents politician.
    Let us look at his voting record:
    He voted against raising the national debt ceiling with fellow Tea Party representatives in 2011; thinking that America defaulting on its debt would solve our problems, but in actuality would shut down the government. That vote also resulted in the downgrade of the United States credit rating.

  • Case ‘loyal public servant’

  • Nebraska family looking for information on relatives

    We are looking for some information on a local war hero and would appreciate any help from readers of The Lancaster News. We think someone who has knowledge of Lancaster and local family history would be able to help us.
    My family is from a cattle ranch in Western Nebraska called the “Red Rose Ranch” that was founded in 1887. Since there is a lot of prairie grass but no roses in Western Nebraska we believe there is a connection between our family and Lancaster “The Red Rose City.”

  • Funderburk works hard for her community

    The people of Kershaw County should be proud of their S.C. House District 52 Representative Laurie Slade Funderburk.
    She is a representative who works very hard for people in her district, but she also works with the people in other districts, not from her district.
    I called her about a problem a family in Lancaster County was having. When the father of this family needed to get some papers signed from an inmate, so he could get funeral arrangements for services the next day, she stepped in to help. She was a very big help to that family.

  • Coy can help get economy moving again

    Voters in S.C. House District 44 have three choices in November to replace their outgoing state representative, but there’s one candidate who stands above the rest – Joseph Coy.

  • Powers Norrell will ‘shine’ as a legislator

    I am writing on behalf of Mandy Powers Norrell, candidate for the S.C. House District 44 seat in the upcoming election. Mandy has roots in our area and understands the people’s needs now and for the future.

  • Don’t overlook bow-tie wearers

    I appreciate Greg Summers column regarding the color of the ties sported by the presidential candidates, but I must point out a glaring omission. Not once did he mention the type, shape or size of the tie, only the color.