• Deese letter: Harris a team player who will work for city’s District 3

    I am writing in support of Jackie Harris for Lancaster City Council District 3. 

    I have known Mrs. Harris for well over 20 years. She is a woman of integrity and dependability, as well as having a love for her community. She will work hard to make the best decisions for the city of Lancaster. She will be a team player and will work for the good of her district. Jackie Harris is the best candidate for this position and will be committed to serving the people of that area, along with helping others in this community. Please support Jackie Harris.

  • Warren letter: Writer endorses Norrell for S.C. House District 44


    I would like to write a letter of endorsement for Mandy Powers Norrell. I appreciate your allowing me to do so. I personally feel Mandy has more than earned a right to serve in the S.C. House from the 44th District. She has lived the same life as anyone in Lancaster. She does not come from privilege. In short, she earned everything she has. 

  • Gregory letter: Vote yes on state’s constitutional amendment

    On this year’s ballot, there is a question concerning whether the state’s governor and lieutenant governor should run as a single ticket, as do our U.S. president and vice president. As someone who has advocated bringing our state’s creaky government structure into modern times, I want to strongly encourage every voter to mark “yes” on this question. South Carolina’s governor and lieutenant governor should run together, as a ticket, and work as teammates, not adversaries. 

  • Mackey letter: Fellow church member supports Harris for city seat


    Over the past few years, I have grown to know and love Jackie Harris. Mrs. Harris and I attend the same church. 

    Mrs. Harris possesses every quality and trait that would make her an excellent leader for Lancaster City Council District 3. She has the communication skills and leadership abilities to become a voice for the people. 

  • Ghent letter: Democrat supports Payne for S.C. House District 44

    It’s been nearly 20 years since I last campaigned for my father, Sen. Red Hinson. I promised myself after that election that I would never get involved in politics again unless the right person came along, who represented the values I believe in and had the same love for Lancaster County that I have.  Over the last few years, I’ve watched Ryan Payne, who is running for S.C. House District 44, grow into the man he is today. I believe Ryan embodies the same commitment to Lancaster County that my father had while he served in the S.C. Senate. 

  • Smith letter: Retired SLED official supports Sheriff Faile

    By way of introduction, I am a retired assistant director with the S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and I have known Sheriff Barry Faile for about 30 years, having met him early in our careers. I knew then, that with his work ethic, he was going places. I was so pleased when he ran for sheriff and am even happier to see that he has offered to run for re-election.

  • Jones, Ingram and Stover letter: Sisters support Harris for City Council

    Let me tell you a little something – something about Jackie Harris. 

    Jackie is the youngest of four sisters. We may not be through blood, but we are sisters. As a young lady, Jackie always strived to better herself and her surroundings. She has always given back to the community.

  • Couch letter: Reader sings praises of Sheriff Barry Faile

    I am a regular reader of The Lancaster News and, as I have been reading the Letters to the Editor over the last few months concerning the Lancaster County sheriff’s race, I felt compelled to write a letter that would give a somewhat different view from what I have been reading concerning the Faile family and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. 

  • Young letter: Pastor recommends Harris for City Council


    This letter is in reference to Jackie Harris running for Lancaster City Council District 3. 

    As her pastor for the last 10 years at Mount Zion AME Zion Church, it is my privilege to speak on behalf of Mrs. Harris.

    She is an adult Sunday school instructor. In teaching the adult class, she is definitely prepared, and has great knowledge of the lesson and the Scriptures involved in teaching her class.

  • Allison letter: Former police captain supports Yow for House


    I am writing a letter of support for my friend Richie Yow. I thought it would be relatively simple at first, but then I got to thinking, where do I start? I am not like a lot of people, just getting to know Richie in the last year or so when he became a candidate for the State House from District 53. I have actually known Richie’s family since long before Richie was born.