• Fish letter: Storytelling event was ‘enjoyable, stimulating’

    Lancaster County residents missed a fantastic event on Oct 13. Storytelling in the Park hosted by the Carolinas Literacy Network was an enjoyable and stimulating event held at Andrew Jackson State Park.
    Each storyteller had their unique style that enhanced their presentation. Cathy Jo Jansen and Flynn Crooks brought Thumblelina to life in their rendition of the familiar fairy tale. Andy Offut Irwin used different voices, singing and whistling to entertain the audience.

  • Vote for Coy, who will stand up for county

    Recently, I was at a local event where one of the speakers encouraged voters to vote a straight ticket. The speaker used a scare tactic stating that voting a straight ticket would make it easier to ensure a mistake was not made.
    I am asking voters not to vote straight ticket and go a step more to vote for Joseph Coy, petition candidate for the S.C. House District 44 seat. Joseph Coy is the best choice in this race for the S.C. House. He has the leadership skills and common sense we need in Columbia.

  • Time to dump Mulvaney

    U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s score card is one of the worst in Congress. He has sponsored 43 bills, zero passed.
    He has co-sponsored 216 bills, only six have passed into law.
    In a Huffington Post story, Mulvaney ranked the lowest in educational speaking level, speaking at the level of a high school sophomore.
    He almost always follows the tea party line, which means no negotiation and more gridlock, as we approach the financial cliff of mandatory hard cuts.

  • Volunteers needed for Red Cross event

    The Upper Palmetto Chapter of the American Red Cross will be hosting the Drive 4 UR Community event at our newly finished Lancaster office from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 30. The event will give Lancaster community members and Red Cross volunteers the opportunity to become familiar with our new office location at the new state-of-the-art Emergency Management Facility at 111 Covenant Place.
    We have partnered with Burns Ford to hold the Drive 4 UR Community event. Through Drive 4 UR Community we are planning on raising $6,000 for the Upper Palmetto Red Cross. 

  • Floyd owes apology to the Failes

    In her Oct. 14 guest column, “Scott Case is the change we need,” Michelle Floyd repeats the old saying, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    The implication is that Sheriff Barry Faile, as well as his father, Williford Faile, are corrupt. However, Ms. Floyd does not offer even one small shred of evidence in support of this implication.
    Please, Ms. Floyd, don’t be so reckless with your rhetoric. If you can’t back up what you are saying, then don’t say it.

  • Coy has ‘real plans with real solutions’

    Hard work is really making a difference. Joseph Coy, petition candidate for the S.C. House District 44 seat, has put in the effort needed to navigate through some tough challenges. His campaign run has been so different from your typical candidate. He is gaining support daily. He is straight forward and to the point with his platform.
    Have you ever heard the saying “Once a Marine always a Marine”? Joseph has revealed just what he is made of.

  • Norrell ‘will strive to make a change’

    It is imperative that we vote for people in the next election not because of popularity, familiarity or incumbency but because of integrity. The crime and corruption in our dear little Lancaster is horrendous. The economy is poor and worsening. The work ethic is gone. We need new leadership.
    My vote is going to Mandy Powers Norrell. She is a wonderful, bright young lady, who I feel will strive to make a change. She is someone who you will not say a year later “why did I vote for her.”

    Dr. Douglas l. Tiedt

  • Alcohol sales will not bring jobs, money

    Let’s be Lancaster and vote no to Sunday alcohol sales. Let’s hold on to the last respectful right we have in this county. You say we are Lancaster. Let’s prove it on Nov. 6 and vote no.
    Ask yourself if a few extra dollars are worth the lives that are taken by alcohol. There never has and never will be any good that comes from alcohol sales. It destroys lives, homes and marriages. It takes family members. I know because I’ve lost three. They are in a graveyard because of alcohol.

  • What will Sunday alcohol sales really do for us?

  • Why I’m not voting for Mulvaney

    Mr. Mick Mulvaney has been in political office for six years. He’s a what-can-you-do-for-me politician, not a what-can-I do-for-my-constituents politician.
    Let us look at his voting record:
    He voted against raising the national debt ceiling with fellow Tea Party representatives in 2011; thinking that America defaulting on its debt would solve our problems, but in actuality would shut down the government. That vote also resulted in the downgrade of the United States credit rating.