• Belk appreciates community support

    We, the employees of Belk, would like to thank The Lancaster News for promoting our Cupcakes for the Cure event on Saturday, June 9. We also would like to thank the community for coming in and supporting our event with their donations for this worthwhile cause. Since it was such a big success, we hope to do it again in the near future.
    Thanks again for your support.

    Employees of Belk

  • Dream Team thanks speedway and its drivers

    My earliest memory of the Lancaster Motor Speedway was going with my father in his El Camino to the pit to watch the races.
    I can sit with him now, and he laughs at the many stories he remembers working as a pit crew member for his friends Don and Tommy Crump. Let’s just say they were beginners. It’s a timeless memory I share with my father, and now, many years later, I have begun to create the same lasting memories with my son.

  • Tough economic times in the past, future

    On Aug. 14, 2000, the rock band Rage Against The Machine performed outside of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.
    “Our democracy has been hijacked,” lead singer Zack de la Rocha said as he addressed the crowd at the beginning of the show. “We are not going to allow these streets to be taken over by the Democrats or the Republicans.”
    Back then, people complained about $1.80 gas – nothing compared to recent lows of $2.88.

  • Individual opinions and feelings vary

    In Rudy Schmidt’s letter to the editor, “Stop believing lies, follow the truth,” in the June 29 edition, he throws  Democrats into the boiling oil and equates them to the politicians who brought about the Civil War.
    A history professor at the University of North Carolina said most Americans ignore the 150th anniversary of that war except Southerners.

  • Justice system allows criminals free rein

    Every time I pick up The Lancaster News, I see another murder, another home invasion, someone getting robbed and beaten, sexually assaulted or burglarized.
    The pathetic (one of many) part is – it’s the same person doing the crimes over and over again. We can’t blame the officers who make the arrests – they’re doing their jobs. They’re getting them off the streets and putting them behind bars.

  • Stop believing lies, follow the truth

    In John 1: 4, John writes to a friend in church and says: I could have no greater joy than to hear that our people and children are following the truth.
    Our own people are not looking or following the truth today.
    Letter writer Sheila Bickford claims civil rights as a Democrat supported policy.
    The DNC website in its “Our Party Our History” section also starts out with a lie by saying, “For more than 200 years our party has led the fight for civil rights...”

  • Thieves steal pet, but not my heart

    This letter is directed to the thieves who broke our hearts by taking our beloved pit bull, Zebo.
    While the thieves stole our pet, they cannot take our hearts.
    The thieves also broke Zebo’s heart and soul.
    Zebo, I love you – a love that cannot be taken.
    To the thieves: What gives you the right that you can take what does not belong to you?

    Pandora Verdon

  • Letter writer speaks from experience

    I would like to give thanks to all who were named and those not named who helped in the arrest of Hell’s Angels. It takes persistence and great determination to accomplish what you all have accomplished. I realize that it is not over and that there will be more court hearings and testimonies to be given.
    I also want to encourage you all to not give up. Your courage, unity and faith got you this far. They will carry you through to the final verdicts. There are people praying for all of you. The number of prayer warriors is off the charts.

  • Proud to be a Christian

    I am proud to attend church every Sunday to worship my God, Jesus Christ. I am proud to live in the greatest country in the world, America. I am proud to have volunteered in the military, served four years and received an honorable discharge. I am proud to volunteer to help those in need. I am proud to give and lend financial help where the need requires.  
    I am proud to live under the laws of freedom’s documents (the Constitution and Bill of Rights). I am proud to stand at attention when the American flag passes before me.

  • Obama grants our few jobs to illegal immigrants

    President Barack Obama recently used his powers to temporarily block deportation and ease work rules for some illegal immigrants.
    So, now President Obama is granting illegal immigrants the opportunity to seize the limited jobs available in an ever-deepening recession.
    In spite of his irrational decision, President Obama is now facing a 2012 college and university graduating class, who voted for him and helped him win the 2008 presidential election, now finding a shrinking and/or disappearing job market under his failing economic policies.