• Democrats fail to address chronic problems

    The article, “Dinner and a pep talk,” in the Dec. 4 edition of The Lancaster News shows why the Democrats keep losing credibility. Obviously they have already forgotten what happened in the 2010 elections. They try to blame Republicans for turning their back on seniors, but conveniently fail to mention that the payoll tax cut (formerly called FICA) Obama wants continued is a direct $175 billion annual reduction in funding to Social Security and Medicare at the very time demands on those programs are up.

  • Students seeking historical info about county

    I am Zoe Byrd from Discovery School. Our school is hosting a Discover Lancaster on March 14, 2012, at the University of South Carolina Lancaster. We are hoping to use or borrow artifacts, pictures or history about Lancaster County from citizens or residents. We would appreciate them. Each grade will be presenting a different time period. Our fifth-grade class has most recent from the 1920s to the current day.
    If you can help us, call Discovery School at (803) 285-8430.

    Zoe Byrd

  • Banks get bailouts, why not the others?

    Senior adults, widows, disabled people in nursing homes are all being hit with bank fees. Banks get federal bailouts, but not senior citizens and disabled people. Why not?

    Jimmy Beckham

  • Officers should have escorted bikers Saturday

    I rode all the way from Columbia to Lancaster on Saturday morning to participate in a Toys for Tots motorcycle ride.
    Could someone please explain to me why so many police were there taking pictures and looking through binoculars, but not a single officer was available to escort the motorcycle riders to make sure they and others were safe?
    Lots of children will get a little something extra this year because those motorcycle riders were there.

  • Christmas activities are protected rights

    At this time of year, educators, administrators, parents and students are concerned about celebrating Christmas at school. I read an article in Home Life Magazine that answers questions about specific Christmas activities.
    Can we include religious music in our school assemblies and programs? Yes, Christmas carols are still legal. In Lynch vs. Donnelly, 1984, the Supreme Court noted “Christmas hymns and carols in public schools” are one of the legitimate forms of taking official note of Christmas and our religious heritage.

  • Americans must turn to conservative side for truth

    Why do national socialism, international socialism, marxism, leninism,  maoism, stalinism, collectivism, communism – did I forget one – oh yes, redistributionism and economic egalitarianism always fail?
    Simple. Prosperity is a by product of liberty. The evidence is everywhere one looks. If any of these brands of socialism worked then, Russia would be an economic giant today with North Korea playing catch-up. There are many highly educated people on the left who do not believe, understand or accept this truth.

  • Please pray for Rollins, officers, EMTs

    Officer down: These two words are the worst words that can come out over a police scanner.
    Our brave men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe in our homes and on the streets.
    I would like to take this time to thank all our officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and all the outside help that came out to help on Nov. 17 when one of our officers was shot.

  • Congress needs protection from electorate

    I recently read that Congress is going to allocate $50 million to the city of Charlotte for the purpose of security at the Democratic National Convention. Sure as God made little green apples, some city will get a like amount when the Republicans have their shindig.
    Betcha not one new job will be created, just funds to offset overtime for law enforcement personnel.  I realize the president will also be in attendance, but he has the Secret Service and FBI whenever he visits someplace.

  • Businesses key to fundraiser’s success

    White Oak Trunk-or-Treat for Alzheimer’s was a huge success.
    We raised $1,270.93 which was donated to the S.C. Alzheimer’s Association.
    Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for donating their time, money or door prizes to our event: Regency Hospice, Palmetto Service, Founders Federal Credit Union, McBride’s Supply, Positive Promotions, Elite Auto, Positive Image, Hair Scapes, Blue Rose Pottery, Majestic Produce, Japan, Gus’s Family Restaurant and Covenant Baptist Church.

  • U.S. becoming socialist society

    In his guest column in the Nov. 13 edition Michael Jedson asked why he should support Congressman Mick Mulvaney.
    Mr. Jedson, you can’t support Mulvaney, and you never will. You are against school vouchers because you don’t want to see competitiveness working in our school system.
    You are against tax reform unless you get more taxes to allow more spending. You are against Cut, Cap and Balance for the same reason. You are against a balanced budget.