• Writer will support alcohol sales on Sunday

    I would like to respond to Danny Johnson’s letter, “Alcohol sales on Sunday have nothing to do with eating out,” in the Aug. 10 edition of The Lancaster News.
    Mr. Johnson is entitled to God’s Day, as freedom of religion is part of our founding. That same founding calls for separation of church and state. Mr. Johnson has no right to try and force his beliefs on others.

  • Tanner invites residents to join Indian Land Voice

    It’s me again. Anybody out there?
    I have been working for three years to foster positive change within Indian Land by educating and informing the citizens.  I have attended Lancaster County Council meetings and spoken, been appointed to county committees, and more to represent Indian Land.

  • Cureton embodies true spirit of service

    Dr. Deborah B. Cureton is not only an educator, a humanitarian and a servant to our community, but she is also a cherished family member with whom I’m very proud. She respectfully embodies the spirit of my mother and her father which encourages me to be the best me that I can be.
    I am also inspired by her service work, which propelled me to pay it forward to those in need of a helping hand.

  • County responsible for Edenmoor

    Excuse me, Mr. Willis, it’s difficult for me to understand how the undeveloped property and community roads in Edenmoor could still be “private property” since the Forfeited Land Commission completed foreclosure proceedings, which I believe took place in the last months of 2010. And I’m pretty sure I could convince a judge who is legally liable for occurrences on the property while under the FLC’s control.

  • We need more people paying taxes

    Rudy Schmidt wrote an excellent letter, “An American fairy tale,” in the July 31 edition of The Lancaster News. That is more than what I can say for Gil Small, chairman of the Lancaster County Democratic Party. His column, “There are some in Congress we can rely on to get the job done,” sounded like it was from an AP President Barack Obama parrot article. He mentions debt-ceiling raises under President George W. Bush, but neglects to mention most of them were by a Democrat-controlled Congress.

  • Alcohol sales on Sunday have nothing to do with eating out

    I’m writing concerning Sunday alcohol sales.
    If God’s people let this pass and do nothing about it, how is the love of God in us?
    In Indian Land, there are several restaurants to eat at. This is not about eating out: it’s all about the mighty dollar.
    No alcohol sales on Sunday is all that is left in this county that shows respect for God’s day.
    Lancaster County needs God, not alcohol sales on Sunday.

  • Don’t let law enforcement, USCL suffer

    I am very proud of Lancaster County Council and its efforts to bring us up to date on several fronts – the upgrades for our EMS and fire departments, the new courthouse, which we can all take pride in, and the support it gives our law enforcement.
    In recent coverage of the County Council meeting discussing the budget, I was concerned that some of our council members – after studying the budget for three months could not vote for “a blank sheet of paper.” Did Councilman Cotton Cole miss the meetings or was it an error on his part saying those words?

  • Congress is forcing trillions of dollars in debt on youth

    Whether by design or accident, Congress and the Obama administration have managed to offend the vast majority of parents in America.
    This includes parents of all races, all ethnic groups, all nationalities, all union members, all members of management, all atheists, all religions, the poor, the wealthy, the middle class, the liberals, the conservatives, the centrists, the libertarians and all other citizens concerned about oncoming generations.

  • There is still time to amend ordinances

    Kershaw Lancaster County Council still has time to rectify Ordinance 1073 and rescind Ordinance 1080. 

    The agenda for the first meeting in August can still be amended to include these matters. 

    The six month waiting period is about to end and we may be again facing attempts to place a sanitary landfill in our midst. 

    Why would council not want to eliminate Ordinance 1080 and this assure the public they are sincere in their representation of us? 

  • Don’t move the county farmers market or change hours

    Don’t move the county farmers market or change hours 

    I have enjoyed visiting our Lancaster County Farmers Market this summer, thanks to the vendors who share their vegetables and the hard work that comes with growing them. 

    I have heard that some would like to move the market uptown and only have it open Saturday.

    Please leave the market on S.C. 9, where it is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and convenient for all.