• Our canoes heading for rim of impending fiscal cliff

    Some folks are quick to find fault in others. Golly, I never thought I would see the day when a  business man was overly concerned about a prospect’s souce of income, Mark Logans’ letter to the editor, “Time to stop the gravy train,” in the Dec. 2, 2012, edition of The Lancaster News. Seems the real hitch was coming up with the required deposit amount. The prospect was described as young. Well, that may eliminate a lot of folks.

  • ‘Third-World’ election in Columbia draws recount

    Where was Jimmy Carter when we needed him?
    Following his term as president, Carter has traveled the world building houses for Habitat for Humanity and building democracies by monitoring elections.
    I don’t know where Jimmy was on Nov. 6, but we certainly could have used him in Richland County, where we had an election that if it were called “Third World,” would defame Third-World countries.

  • Shelley Mullis Road needs work

    The entire stretch of Shelley Mullis Road from U.S. 521 to the North Carolina state line needs resurfacing.
    This road has been patched numerous times, but only stays in the holes for a short while and then the holes are back.
    Please find a way to get this road resurfaced.

    Bob Baker
    Indian Land

  • Time to stop the gravy train

    Recently, a young woman came into our business wanting to buy a car.
    She wanted us to do the financing, so I asked some basic questions. She lived in Lancaster and I asked her where she worked. She said she didn’t work, but she got a $1,400 monthly check from the government.
    I don’t think she noticed that my mouth dropped open when she said that. We were unable to help her with the financing because she didn’t have the deposit amount that was required.

  • Obama bullying Congress over Bush tax cuts

    When President Barack Obama took the oath of office as U.S. president, our national debt was $10.6 trillion. Today it is nearing $16.3 trillion. President Obama has increased our national debt some $6 trillion; more than 50 percent more in four years than all of the previous 43 presidents combined in more than 236 years. Now, America is facing a looming fiscal cliff.

  • Merita bread a longtime staple for me

    How much more bad news can we take? Generals in trouble, financial cliffs and now the worst  – Hostess bakeries going out of business.
    Twinkies will disappear from the American scene. I can get by without a Twinkie, but Hostess also makes my No. 1, bestest white sliced bread of all time, Merita.
    I grew up listening to the “Lone Ranger” at 5 p.m. on WBT radio five days a week, rain or shine, brought to me by Merita Bread and Cakes. Betcha every kid had a silver bullet and secret code ring.

  • We all need to be able to breathe smoke-free air

    The American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network celebrated the 37th Great American Smokeout on Nov. 15. For millions of American smokers, there’s never been a better time to make a plan to quit. In our community, I’m working with cancer survivors and volunteers to not only encourage quitting, but call on lawmakers to do their part to help those who are struggling to quit this deadly habit.

  • Writer asks others to join in boycott

    Attention businesses and companies: Let it be known throughout the city, state and United States that those who refuse to use the word “Christmas” and instead use “holiday” or “season’s greetings” in advertising their products or companies will be boycotted – both you and your product.
    I know there are others who feel think the same way I do. So, let’s be heard. Write, call or e-mail these companies and tell them of your disapproval.

  • Four examples of what’s good about Lancaster

    Evy Lee Williams at Elliott Shoe Repair is one of Lancaster’s true diamonds. Two years ago, I bought a white mink jacket at Goodwill for $7.99. Mr. Williams was able to repair the pelts that were torn apart. Now, at the age of 68, I have my first mink jacket and I love it. It’s kind of small, but for $7.99, it’s mine.
    Mr. Williams has repaired shoes, pocket books, long leather coats and many other items, including several of  Billy Dale’s cowboy boots. He has done the same for many other people. And he treats everyone the same.

  • Republic voted out by the mobocracy

    Evil won on Nov. 6. An arrogant nation has chosen an arrogant man as her leader again. His party is an arrogant party that has adopted the sins of Romans 1:18 as its platform.
    America has tasted the bitter poisonous fruits of lust, pride, passion, envy, covetousness, sloth, frivolity, inquity and entitlement. Did I miss one? These bitter fruits tasted sweet and America found them irresistible. See Isaiah 5:20 to see what God’s word has to say about this.