• Overgrowth on road sides is dangerous

    The sides of our roads in Lancaster County are a mess. I’ve never seen them as bad as they are now. I was pulling out of Riverside Grocery and Grill and a car was coming off the S.C. 9 Bypass.
    The growth was so bad I could not even see the car. I called the highway department and was told the grass would be cut in a few days. That was more than a week ago and the grass is still not cut.
    The same problems exist at Memorial Park Road and S.C. 9. Other people have made the the same complaint.
    This is a really bad and dangerous problem.

  • Liberals are destroying America

    In response to Phil Noble’s column, “NC’s ‘Moral Monday’: Coming soon to SC?” in the July 28 edition of The Lancaster News, two words that do not belong on the same page are “morals” and “Democrats.”

  • CEO: Business committed to community

    Editor’s note: Mike Timani, president and CEO of Fancy Pokket Corp., sent this letter to Larry McCullough, Lancaster County Council chairman. He requested the letter be printed in The Lancaster News.
    Since deciding to establish my business in Lancaster County, I like to consider myself part of the community. For this reason, I follow the news for the area. I was surprised to read of the recent debate that took place during the July 8 County Council meeting.

  • Cuts to dialysis services will impact lives

    Our caregiving team and patients at Lancaster Dialysis Center recently had the honor of hosting District 5 Congressman Mick Mulvaney, who visited our facility to learn more about quality kidney care in our community.

  • Writer: Whittlesey writes nonesense

    Once again you have published a guest column by Franklin Whittlesey Sr., “Washington politicians: Do as I say, not as I do,” that is short on anything good journalism requires.
    Don’t you have some responsibility to do even a minimum of fact checking? Now, I don’t want to do your job for you, but as an example of just how short of the truth Mr. Whittlesey’s article is, let just look at a couple of numbers.

  • Drugs, gangs rob us of our children

    Too many of our young people are dying because of drugs and gangs. The money connected with drugs and gangs is the allure for young people. But this lifestyle leads to murder, robberies and home invasions. This type of behavior leads to prison and death.
    If parents know their child or children are into drugs and gangs they should report them to law enforcement. Being put in jail is better than being put in a grave.

  • Left considers Hispanics as second-class citizens

    The Trayvon-Zimmerman case should be a wakeup call to the Hispanic community. Even after the case was brought into court – for political motives because of lack of evidence – and Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges, the Left continues to vilify this man.
    Rhetoric from the Left now proceeds, because their “justice” was not the end result. Race-baiters such as Al Sharpton, Reggie Jackson, the NAACP and others are pushing their ideology, not caring about the consequences.

  • County doesn’t need new LCEDC headquarters

    My, did Tim Boling hit the nail on the head in his letter,  “No need to build new LCEDC  headquarters,” in the July 5, 2013, edition of The Lancaster News. Lancaster County needs a new $700,000 building for the Lancaster County Economic Development headquarters like it does the bubonic plague.

  • Better fund county Animal Control

    This letter is directed to Lancaster County Council members.  I live in the Edgewater neighborhood, an underdeveloped community. There are numerous streets here that have yet to see homes built.
    Certain pet owners have decided to abandon their pets here. Just this past Saturday, a mother dog and her less than 1-year-old puppy were just dumped from a vehicle, and the owner drove off like nothing, leaving them to fend for themselves. Something is missing in their heart.

  • Guess we need to put on a good face

    I read with considerable interest Tim Boling’s letter pertaining to Lancaster County’s governing body rubber-stamp approval of everything involving capital improvements in the July 5, 2013, edition of The Lancaster News.
    Lancaster County’s industry search department just doesn’t want to comment on the big fish that got away, no matter who it was or what it had to offer. All they know is, if they had decent quarters, they could have reeled in the big one.