• Bledsoe letter: Second inauguration wasteful

    I voted for President Barack Obama twice. I saw nothing wasteful about his first inauguration. Quite frankly, I truly believe all minorities and citizens who voted for him deserved the pomp and ceremony that was the first inauguration. The United States’ people, as a whole, should have come together at that moment in our history.
    However, this second inauguration and the degree of monetary wastefulness has gone way too far, considering the dire economic situation status of our country.

  • Column ‘complete distortion of reality’

    You recently published a guest column, “What’s next? Taxing the sun?,” by Franklin Whittlesey Sr. in the Jan. 6 edition of The Lancaster News. That column is a complete misstatement of facts and a total distortion of reality.
    You should be embarrassed to publish anything so patently, religiously biased and beyond the pale with respect to what we should be doing to protect our world so that our children and their children will not be living in a nightmarish environment.

  • Rep. Mick Mulvaney lacks the ability to compromise

    This letter is in response to U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s account of a recent town hall meeting published in The Lancaster News on Dec. 16, 2012.
    Mulvaney said a constituent asked him a fairly straightforward question: Why won’t you compromise with the president? Instead of answering her question directly, he responded with a question.

  • Writer disappointed in McGriff

    I had the opportunity to attend the recent swearing-in of Lancaster County Council members. As it is the first time that County Council will have a Republican majority, it was a historic moment.
    While I was encouraged by the general show of unity among council members, I was disappointed to see Council-member Charlene
    McGriff’s remarks in The Lancaster News, where she viewed Lancaster as a small and rural county.

  • Writer tells Schmidt to judge not, lest he be judged

    This letter is in response to Rudy Schmidt’s “Republic voted out by mobocracy,” in the Nov. 25, 2012, edition of The Lancaster News.

  • Too many do-gooders looking out for our welfare

    Thank you, John Lage, for your guest column, “Don’t let Lancaster County become like Rhode Island,” in the Jan. 4 edition of The Lancaster News.

  • Whittlesey’s thinking on environmental issues flawed

    In response to the guest column by Franklin Whittlesey Sr., “What’s next? Taxing sun?,” in the Jan. 6 edition of The Lancaster News, I first would like to thank him for the Wikipedia-inspired copy-and-paste astronomy lesson on the size and make-up of our neighboring planets, as well as the shocking revelation that the Earth’s core is made of molten lava.
    Now I’d like to ask him: What’s any of that got to do with the price of beans? 

  • Current road repair system is not working

    Last year, The Lancaster News published a series of articles about the horrible conditions of roads in Lancaster County.
    The newspaper cited examples through several photos. One of the roads was Taxahaw Road – the road I live on.
    According to the article, the last time Taxahaw Road was paved was before 1994 and the S.C. Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining Taxahaw Road.

  • Community helps save Christmas for 47 children

    When God closes a door, he always opens another. This was truly demonstrated this holiday season.
    During a burglary at my shop, Gonzie and Son’s Assembly Shop, most of my bicycles and bike parts were stolen and sold for scrap metal.
    I could only think of the families who would not have bikes for their children during this Christmas season.
    A special thank you goes out to Barbara Rutledge and Christopher Sardelli of The Lancaster News for the story printed on Dec. 9, 2012.

  • Bring prayer back into our schools

    What is happening in our world today? People are going crazy with all the murders. We truly need to return prayer to our schools. Children weren’t dying then like they are now because of these monsters controlled by Satan.
    We must not let atheists control our country. We must teach our children to pray.
    I believe demons walk this earth to find some poor soul to do Satan’s will. Where Jesus is, Satan cannot abide.
    We must put Jesus back in schools. If atheists do not want their children involved, then they can be excused.