• Writer’s purse went missing at yard sale

    I participated in the city of Lancaster community yard sale on April 13. It was a good day and I was having a lovely time until my purse went missing. I was going to use the money I made at the yard sale to have a Mother’s Day cookout for my mother, who is in a nursing home. The purse also contained my brother’s EBT card.
    The subject of my pastor’s sermon that Sunday was “God will provide.” I sure hope God provides that my purse is returned. My telephone number is (803) 283-4382.

    Teresa Massey

  • Make sure your water heater works

    I just want to warn people to occasionally check on their hot water heaters.
    After receiving such high water and electric bills, I was told to check on mine. When I opened the locked access door underneath my house, I was met with a flood of water. My 30-year-old heater had broken and it looked like a spouting waterfall.
    Get someone to check on yours. It is worth your time, money and nerves.
    Thank God for my plumbers.

    Myra McCants

  • Good plan needed to accommodate progress

    I have been following the issue of Indian Land residents wanting to change zoning in their community. I live in a community called Edgewater. I moved here from Rhode Island more than two years ago. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am here because of the quietness of the area.

  • Don’t turn postal service into private enterprise

    Gosh, more articles on the money problems related to our postal service. Some seek to disband the best operational system in the world and thrust us into cyberspace, where the hackers operate.
    Sure, it’s handy to use our home computers to drop a get-well note to dear Aunt Maude. Trouble is auntie never owned a computer, so she will never know of our good intentions.

  • It’s time ...to talk about it

    If you follow the headlines, you know that child sexual abuse happens. It happens often and close to home. This reality can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that child sexual abuse can be prevented when we all play our part.

  • Veteran struggles with demons

    I am a veteran of the S.C. National Guard. I served in Afghanistan a few years ago, and recently decided to get out only because of medical issues sustained during combat. But the medical issues are secondary to the demons I’ve been facing in recent years. When I returned home, I was on top of the world. My family was proud. I made lifelong friends, had great and not-so-great experiences, but most of all, I went and fought for my country. There is no greater feeling.

  • Motorists, cyclists need to put safety first

    I almost hate to bring this up. It hasn’t been a problem lately, but it is  spring, finally, and I am not anxious to see the cyclists out again in the Marvin area.
    I recently read “Info for Motorists” on the Florida Bicycle Association website, http://floridabicycle.org/for-motorists/, which I received from a Facebook friend. There must have been a reason. I hope I don’t encounter an accident.
    From that page, I feel an undue sense of entitlement and confidence expected by the cyclist that may put them in danger.

  • Disagree with other’s view, but don’t insult

    I’d like to respond to Crystal Stango’s March 22 letter, “Whittlesey’s gun control column ‘inane filler.’ ” Why is it that liberals can’t have a discussion without name calling or insulting the person who sees issues differently.
    The entire letter belittled him. Why can’t you submit a letter that has a different view than yours – without the insults?
    It’s liberals like you who live in a fantasy land when you think making another gun law will prevent shootings? How’s the war on drugs doing?

  • Let’s stop government from taking our rights

    The laws being proposed by some self-gratifying politicians will not do anything to prevent mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Ct.  
    We have laws that  aren’t being enforced. Why have new laws that do more to hurt the honest, hard working, law abiding gun owners?
    A firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen can deter crime. The same firearm in the hands of a criminal or evil person will cause pain and grief for all. There are no facts that banning firearms and magazines will stop crime.

  • Background checks to buy guns serve no purpose

    Background checks before the purchase of guns is useless and against the Constitution.
    The rights listed in our Constitution Amendments are not subject  to the whim of some elite bureaucrat sitting in a cubical somewhere.
    For the casual thinker, like most Liberal Democrats, background checks are a good thing. It keeps people who should not have a gun from getting one. It keeps gangs, thieves, terrorists and felons from getting guns.
    Only problem is that they do not submit to those checks. So how are those checks working for us?