• Do we no longer care for human life?

    At Christmas time we are more aware of gifts than any other time of the year. Gifts galore. Regardless of the day each and everyone born has been given a great gift – life.

    Why is life so seldom revered? The candlelight vigil held Dec. 20 by the Lancaster Police Department was in remembrance of local people who died from violence in this area – many right here in Lancaster.

  • SPCA helps family with Christmas present

    My family and I would like to express our appreciation to the Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for finding us the perfect Christmas present – Jack, a 10-week old lab mix puppy. Director Diana Knight took an interest in our online application and matched us with a dog appropriate for our three boys. Foster parents Marty and Mikala Steele then drove Jack to Columbia on Christmas Eve to help him arrive at his new home on time.

  • Freedoms come from God, not soldiers

    This letter is in response to the column from Congressman Mick Mulvaney about Veterans Day in the Dec. 4 paper.

    Mr. Mulvaney, you and anyone less who thinks and believes our freedoms come from the soldier are wrong and need to reflect more deeply.

    Everything good comes from our Creator, almighty and powerful God, our Father through his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    I am a Gold Star family member.

    C. Furr

    Indian Land

  • IL growth spawns U.S. 521 traffic problems

    You don’t have to be psychic or read Reece Murphy’s article, “County leads region in building permits,” in the Dec. 11 issue of Carolina Gateway, to know construction is exploding in Indian Land.  

    Just drive on U.S. 521 between 4 and 6:30 p.m. any weekday or Saturday afternoon and see what a mess it has turned into.

  • Will Chinese company truly benefit county?

    I read about the Chinese company that plans to build a textile mill in Indian Land. I have a hard time believing that they could open this plant and make money, when our existing textile mills all closed down.

    Wait a minute, could it be because of all the benefits that Lancaster County Economic Development Corp. is offering the company, like special resource bonds of $7.7 million, authorizing a fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement and other special considerations.

  • Thank you to unknown helpful couple

    I am writing this to let people know there really are kind people out there. On the evening before Thanksgiving, my daughter got her car stuck on Shelley Mullis Road. A wonderful couple stopped and gave her a ride home.

    I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I was so caught up in the moment that I did not get their names or where they live. I wish they would stop by, so I can let them know how much I really appreciated what they did and to let them know if they ever need anything to please let me know.

    J. Greiner

    Indian Land

  • Encourage young people to becomes Scouts

    If you did not make it to the flag-burning ceremony held in Kershaw on Nov. 11, you missed a truly patriotic event. The ceremony was organized by Boy Scout Troop No. 74, with leader Lisa McKenzie and assistant leader Billy King.

    The invocation and benediction by the Rev. Jamie Rogers, pastor of Kershaw Second Baptist Church, began and ended the somber occasion. The national anthem was sung by Mrs. Terry King. Eagle Scout Alex McKenzie led in the Pledge of Allegiance and presented the flag for retirement.

  • Provide adequate housing for animals

    During the winter months, please provide adequate housing for your outside dogs and cats. Their houses should be big enough that they can stand up in it and turn around. The house should be small enough for the dog’s or cat’s body heat to keep it warm.

    This is their only way of generating heat/ They should have dry, padded bedding and shaving thick enough to insulate their bodies from the cold surface they lay on, such as plastic houses. Dog or cat carriers are not acceptable as housing under Lancaster County ordinances due to the holes that allow leaks.

  • Woman grateful for lunch treat

    I would like to thank the nice couple who recently treated me to lunch at Pizza Inn. I didn’t know my lunch was paid for until I went to the register. I don’t know who they are and never got their names. It was a wonderful treat, but doubly special because it was my birthday. They had no way of knowing that.

    Thank you again for such a nice gesture. I enjoyed it and meeting such a nice couple.

    Daisy Couch


  • Organization grateful for support

    We are grateful for those who partner with us. On behalf of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Catawba River Chapter, the committee would like to thank all the sponsors, donors and guests who participated in our recent fall banquet, held Oct. 29.

    A special thank you to churches, clubs, individuals and volunteers who became partners with us for the cause of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our youth. It is wonderful to have the youth meet with volunteers and are willing to go the extra mile to teach in after-school programs the saving grace of Jesus Christ.