• Letter: Don’t open door to anyone at night

    Editor’s note: Carl Miles, a frequent contributor to this page and a general uplifter of spirits, was severely injured by an intruder several months ago. We’re happy he has recovered enough to begin writing again.

    About two months ago, I was lying on my couch about 1 o’clock in the morning. Someone knocked on my door, and I opened it.
    A guy who must have been on dope was there. He said, “Do you have any money?” I replied, “No.”

  • Letter: Officers showed courage, restraint

    Lancaster Police Department Sgt. Dustynn Burlingame deserves public praise for the courage and restraint he demonstrated by not discharging his weapon at a suspect who presented a handgun while being detained.

    Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Carroll also deserves credit for assisting Sgt. Burlingame in the apprehension of the subject.

  • Letter: 2 good Samaritans helped couple out

    My husband and I would like to thank two kind people who helped us two Saturdays ago.

    We were going down the bypass and had a flat tire. We pulled in the Walmart parking lot. My husband got the spare out, and it was flat. A lady stopped and she had an air compressor. She pumped up the tire. A young man came by and took the tire off, put the spare on, and we were on our way.

    Many thanks to these “good Samaritans,” and God bless you both.

  • Letter: Indifference will destroy America

    Every day I see and hear the same thing. Oh, we need Hillary because she’s a woman, or Trump will make America great again.

    If you’re buying into either one of these mindless slogans, then that’s what you are… mindless. Neither one of these candidates will change the path this country is on. Neither party cares about anything except power.

  • Letter: No viable candidate in presidential race

    The presidential election is almost upon us. I want to share my views with anyone considering voting.
    Time journalist Joe Klein says Republican candidate Donald Trump is using “his lizard brain… rather than his frontal lobe, which is where thought and reason take place.”
    Klein said after Marco Rubio finished second in the S.C. primary, Trump sent out a tweet questioning Rubio’s citizenship. The fact is Rubio was born in the United States, the son of Cuban immigrants.

  • Letter: Be courteous to vets when using fireworks

    As the Independence Day holiday approaches, Phantom Fireworks would like to remind its customers, friends and all those who use consumer fireworks to be mindful of the fact that some veterans can be startled and upset by the noise of fireworks.
    Chelsey Zoldan, a licensed clinical mental health counselor and special consultant to Phantom Fireworks, advises there is the potential for some veterans to be reminded of combat situations when they hear the loud sounds of gunfire and/or fireworks.

  • Letter: Neighbor supports Graham in District 1 race

    After a close race for the Lancaster County Council seat in District 1, I’d like to express my support for Terry Graham.  
    As a neighbor and businessman in my community, I have been very impressed by the integrity and authenticity of this man. He’s the real deal!  
    With so many challenges facing the county due to the explosive growth in the Panhandle, our County Council is in need of leadership. This council seat must have a leader who is willing to work with other members to address the issues and provide solutions.  

  • Letter: Hunter Wallace deserves promotion

    The runoff election for county auditor is Tuesday, June 28, and the citizens of Lancaster County should be thankful that someone like Susan Hunter Wallace is one of the final two candidates.
    Her experience as deputy auditor for the past six years of her career with the county will allow her to transition into the auditor’s job with ease, knowledge and experience.
    Please consider giving Susan Hunter Wallace the promotion she has worked for and deserves.

    James Baker

  • Letter: Murphy supports Blackmon in auditor’s runoff

    I would like to encourage everyone to please get out and vote in the primary runoff election for the county auditor’s race on Tuesday, June 28.

  • Letter: Backing Hunter Wallace in runoff for auditor

    Cheryl Morgan is retiring as auditor for Lancaster County. I would like to thank her for her many years of service in that capacity. She served long and well and has certainly earned her time of retirement.
    It is a comfort to know that Susan Hunter Wallace is running for the position of auditor. She has been a county employee for the past 14 years and has served in the auditor’s office the last six years as deputy auditor. I feel that she is well qualified and will oversee this position in an efficient and respectful manner if elected.