• Letter: Set aside Trump’s behavior problems

    The case against Donald Trump can be summarized as follows:
    He is a “mouthy” New Yorker.    He is rude. He doesn’t listen to advice. He is not a true Republican. He is a loose cannon. We just don’t like him. His hair is disgraceful.
    I think we can ignore the last two charges.
    As to the others, here are some thoughts to put them in perspective.
    Don’t ignore the message because of the messenger. His message resonates with a large number of Americans, so deserves to be considered.

  • Letter: Truth suffers when perception is reality

    Parrots only repeat what they hear. They do not know or need any facts about the things they hear and repeat.
    Greg Summers’ great news report on the Let’s Talk forum in Lancaster confirms this truth.
    The Black Lives Matter crowd has created a narrative and refuses to allow facts to enter the discussion. Our local citizens and their leaders also do not want the truth to enter their discussions. They repeat only the narrative that the TV news reports.

  • Letter: Hillary is the most vetted candidate in U.S. history

    To put things in perspective, the folks that constantly fill the Opinion Page with their drivel slamming Democrats and Hillary are the same folks that voted for Dubya Bush twice. I’m pretty sure that destroys any credibility  they had.
    The common theme is how Hillary is such a liar, while she really is the most vetted candidate in history. Republicans have had her under a microscope for decades…. Nothing!
    If you have some info, contact Republican Trey Gowdy. He just spent two years and $7 million of your tax money and came up dry.

  • Letter: Letter writer steaming mad

    After my letter was printed in Friday’s edition of The Lancaster News, steam came out of my ears.
    My letter was edited – by the editor. I called the editor and spoke with him. I can’t remember his name, but I learned a lot about who runs our local paper. He’s not a fan of Fox News! I mean, why watch Fox? They’re only Number 1, right?

  • Letter: Noble whistling in dark on Hillary

    I just read Phil Noble’s guest column in the Aug. 3 issue. He is whistling in the dark with fear for his candidate, Hillary Clinton.
    His candidate has lied to and stonewalled investigators, denigrated men who died in the service of their country and amassed a fortune by corrupt means. In spite of this – or perhaps because of it – she is the darling of Mr. Noble and many Democrats.

  • Letter: Oceana Gold upholding its promises

    It’s not yet time to call out Oceana Gold and Haile Gold Mine, as previous letters (June 22 and July 20) indicated.
    As a staunch environmentalist and strong opposer of Haile Gold Mine, I can say they are currently upholding their promises.
    As a previous environmental manager over open pit mines, I know the initial stage of topsoil removal and stockpiling offers the greatest threat to local waterways.
    In this case, it’s the Little Lynches River. Heavy rains can now easily cause erosion and carry loose materials down to the lowest point.

  • Letter: Remember when: In memory of W.B. Evans

    I grew up in the 1960s. There was the Midway Theater – 15 cents to get in and see a good cowboy movie. For 25 cents, you got a drink and box of popcorn.
    I had a paper route on New Village, the Charlotte News route. After my paper route, I would go to Perry’s Pharmacy and have a drink and read comic books. They did not care.
    I would go to the 5 and 10 on Midway, maybe to the
    café and get a hamburger for 50 cents.
    I only knew W.B. Evans for his stories, but I loved his articles and stories.
    God bless his family.

  • Letter: Thief targets man mowing at church

    On July 16, my husband, Tim, was cutting the grass at First Presbyterian Church on Main Street in Lancaster. While he was working on the lower part of the yard, out of sight from his truck and other equipment, someone stole his commercial push mower, which cost him $1,276 three years ago. You have to cut a lot of grass to earn that much money!

  • Letter: My ‘common sense’ differs from Noble’s

    In your June 29 paper, Phil Noble states that the “Charleston loophole” for buying a gun was the cause for the Emanuel church shooting.
    The three days that gun owners wait for a background check passed, so the store sold the gun to Dylann Roof without the background check being finished.
    The left always throws in their “common sense” into their gun rhetoric. My question is whose common sense do we abide by? My common sense is not the same as yours, Mr. Noble.

  • Letter: I have the laziest gun in the world

    Today, I placed my gun on the table right next to my front door. I left its magazine beside it, then left it alone and went about my chores.
    While I was gone, the mailman delivered the mail, the guy who mows my lawn came to cut my grass, a young lady walked her dog down the street, and a delivery truck delivered a package.