• Letter: Can’t we incorporate Indian Land without taxing to pay for services?

    A new group has emerged to take control of Indian Land. Unlike the previous Indian Land Voice, it appears they have taken some time to put together some figures and propose specific ideas.
    While I agree that we must take control of the growth in Indian Land, I strongly disagree that we need any county services, such as a parks department or garbage collection. I would prefer to see a solution that would allow for a voluntary zoning and enforcement board/council without having any increase in taxes.

  • Letter: Thanks, Public Works crew, for helping out our family

    My family wanted to say thank you to the Lancaster County Public Works Department and Bryan Funderburk for fixing my son Jason Ingram’s driveway.
    We had a lot of rain last month, and the end of Jason’s driveway where it meets the road was a mess. Our grandson, Jaxon, has leukemia and has to go to Levine Children’s Hospital for chemo. Jason had to use his four wheel drive to prevent getting stuck.
    I contacted Public Works and before I got home they were at Jason’s working on the problem.

  • Letter: I support Brandon Newton for S.C. House District 45

    Indian Land has grown tremendously in the past five years. This growth has been consistent progress. This progress must not stop.
     I believe Indian Land sits on the edge of a great change. With this change, we need a new and fresh perspective to complete our development. Millennials have many new conservative ideas about how to continue our progress in South Carolina.
     Indian Land needs a young visionary to represent our developing community. I am asking you to support Brandon Newton for S.C. House District 45.

  • Letter: Gun-violence cartoon disgusting

    The cartoon about gun violence in the Jan. 10 Lancaster News is one of  the most disgusting ones I have ever seen. It perpetuates lies and shows  disrespect for people who have died from gun violence.
    You have published  mostly bad cartoons for the past five years.
    You have hit a new low with this  one.

    Jennifer Jewett

  • Letter: Those to our north, living in Camelot

    Some of us poor Southerners figure most of the residents of Camelot, aka Indian Land, hail from places way off.  We know they are accustomed to having just about everything like the area they so desperately abandoned for Carolina’s sunny shores.
    To be honest, most folk are welcomed, but it sorta sticks in our craw when we hear such a commotion about the lack of refinements they gave up to come South. Now some of you residents are ready to “incorporate.”  Which roughly translates to “doing it your way.”

  • Letter: Is America destined for biblical flooding?

    I have been doing some serious thinking.
    According to our maps, the world is over two-thirds water. Here lately it is raining so much that it is flooding.
    When Jesus flooded the world in Noah’s days, it was for 40 days and 40 nights.
    I know Jesus’ promise of a rainbow assures us that the world will not be flooded again, and Jesus cannot lie.
    But could America see mass flooding?

  • Letter: Hillary Clinton will be education president for all

    Hillary Clinton will be the education president we need. She knows that the Zip code you’re born in shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the quality of your education. Every child in our country deserves a world-class education.
    Hillary has been working to make our school system better since her days in Arkansas, and now she’s trying to make college affordable for every student across the country. With her plan, no student will have to borrow money to get a higher education and pursue his or her dreams.

  • Letter: The whole world has gone nuts!

    Bruce Jenner, a man, is “woman of the year.” Transgender. We have Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, who identifies herself as black. Transracial.
    Then there is Jewel Shuping, who blinded herself so she could be in tune with her body. Transabled. Then there’s Gary Matthews, aka “Boomer,” who believes he’s a dog. Trans-species.

  • Letter: Thanks for donating to holiday campaign

    I am truly grateful to the community for generously supporting the abused and neglected children and adults served through the Lancaster County Department of Social Services.
    Because of your endless efforts, the Lancaster County Outreach Project Annual Holiday Giving Campaign and FALLing into Winter: Coat Drive were both a complete success. Generous contributions have given our clients not only material items but also the gift of kindness.

  • Letter: Wilma Faile's skunks, Round 2

    Thank you for putting my letter in the paper. I’ve had so many calls, and everywhere we go someone talks to us about it, and they have asked if we have seen any more.
    So, this is my reply.
    The week of Christmas, the house was decorated and I was baking and making candy for church and friends. No smell of skunks.