• Letter: Our hijacked media are doomed

    The morality of all the media died years ago. Our media was hijacked by far-left liberal progressives. The only good news is most of them will be history with the invention of the internet.
    Outlets like the New York Times are failing financially. They like all the rest will implode on themselves. You can only favor one side for so long. Go look at MSNBC and CNN’s ratings. At the bottom.

  • Letter: Political corruption has metastasized

    James McManus talks of anti-Hillary “drivel” in your Aug. 10 paper. What a joke! He should have read his own article. Talk about drivel!
    I’d list all the lies and corruption of his idol Hillary, but why take up the whole paper. Besides, one who doesn’t want to see, can’t be made to see.
    There’s plenty of government people who belong in jail, but what’s keeping them out is called corruption. It has metastasized into the norm in both parties. It’s people with blinders, like Mr. McManus, that let it keep growing.

  • Letter: On topic of lies, don’t forget Bush

    Editor’s note: This letter responds to L. Brooks Walker’s Sunday column headlined “Listen as Clinton parses words on Comey’s e-mail testimony.”

    Brooks Walker may be onto something. I think he has figured out that politicians lie.
    I never had considered this, so I googled lying politicians and got 26,600,000 hits.
    He listed what he considers lots of lies and half truths told by politicians. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that all his examples were Democrats.

  • Letter: Dr. Walker, it’s time to move on

    Editor’s note: This letter responds to L. Brooks Walker’s Sunday column headlined “Listen as Clinton parses words on Comey’s e-mail testimony.”

    As I read yet another article by L. Brooks Walker in the Aug. 14 edition of The Lancaster News, I begin to wonder is he truly a guest columnist – it seems as though he writes a column per week –  a right wing nut with too much time on his hands, or simply someone with an ax to grind with Democrats and Hillary.

  • Letter: U.S. has never been so divided

    I have never seen America – that’s every town and state – in such a warring way. No one seems happy. They are all mad.
    Do you not see this? Turn on your local TV station and see all the horror in your own town. It’ll scare you!
    There is no unity. America has never been so divided.
    Don’t blame Donald Trump. This has happened under Democrats. Phil Noble, y’all were going to unify us. What happened?

  • Letter: Set aside Trump’s behavior problems

    The case against Donald Trump can be summarized as follows:
    He is a “mouthy” New Yorker.    He is rude. He doesn’t listen to advice. He is not a true Republican. He is a loose cannon. We just don’t like him. His hair is disgraceful.
    I think we can ignore the last two charges.
    As to the others, here are some thoughts to put them in perspective.
    Don’t ignore the message because of the messenger. His message resonates with a large number of Americans, so deserves to be considered.

  • Letter: Truth suffers when perception is reality

    Parrots only repeat what they hear. They do not know or need any facts about the things they hear and repeat.
    Greg Summers’ great news report on the Let’s Talk forum in Lancaster confirms this truth.
    The Black Lives Matter crowd has created a narrative and refuses to allow facts to enter the discussion. Our local citizens and their leaders also do not want the truth to enter their discussions. They repeat only the narrative that the TV news reports.

  • Letter: Hillary is the most vetted candidate in U.S. history

    To put things in perspective, the folks that constantly fill the Opinion Page with their drivel slamming Democrats and Hillary are the same folks that voted for Dubya Bush twice. I’m pretty sure that destroys any credibility  they had.
    The common theme is how Hillary is such a liar, while she really is the most vetted candidate in history. Republicans have had her under a microscope for decades…. Nothing!
    If you have some info, contact Republican Trey Gowdy. He just spent two years and $7 million of your tax money and came up dry.

  • Letter: Letter writer steaming mad

    After my letter was printed in Friday’s edition of The Lancaster News, steam came out of my ears.
    My letter was edited – by the editor. I called the editor and spoke with him. I can’t remember his name, but I learned a lot about who runs our local paper. He’s not a fan of Fox News! I mean, why watch Fox? They’re only Number 1, right?

  • Letter: Noble whistling in dark on Hillary

    I just read Phil Noble’s guest column in the Aug. 3 issue. He is whistling in the dark with fear for his candidate, Hillary Clinton.
    His candidate has lied to and stonewalled investigators, denigrated men who died in the service of their country and amassed a fortune by corrupt means. In spite of this – or perhaps because of it – she is the darling of Mr. Noble and many Democrats.